Quotes / Savage Wolves

"Swiftly the wolf grew, until he could creep into no den, but lay huge and hungry before the feet of Morgoth"

"The ox toils through the furrow,
Obedient to the goad;
The patient ass, up flinty paths,
Plods with his weary load:
With whine and bound the spaniel
His master's whistle hears;
And the sheep yields her patiently
To the loud-clashing shears.

But thy nurse will hear no master,
Thy nurse will bear no load;
And woe to them that shear her,
And woe to them that goad!
When all the pack, loud baying,
Her bloody lair surrounds,
She dies in silence, biting hard,
Amidst the dying hounds.
Sir Thomas Maculay, "Lays of Ancient Rome"

The Assyrian came down like the wolf on the fold,
And his cohorts were gleaming in purple and gold
Lord Byron, "The Destruction of Seaneccerib"

"It's been a particularly hard winter and you mustn't believe all you hear about wolves not being dangerous. During a bad winter, when food's scarce, they'll attack anything: man, woman or child."
Paula Vacker, Icebreaker