->''"News Corporation now owns 39% of Creator/{{Sky}}. Plus [[MegaCorp 28% of Water, and 45% of Land.]]"''
-->-- ''Radio/TheNewsQuiz''

->''"And the parents of the missing girl cling desperately to hope,\\
while a copper takes improper payments in a thick brown envelope.\\
And nobody in the newsroom asks where this information's from\\
But the [[UsefulNotes/FootballPopMusicAndFlatCaps Scousers]] never buy ''[[UsefulNotes/BritishNewspapers The Sun]]''."''
-->-- '''Music/BillyBragg'''

->''"We're getting hammered in the tabloid press\\
We must be pissing Rupert off, I guess!"''
-->-- ''Theatre/KeatingTheMusical'', "Arse End of the Earth"