Quotes / Rule of Sexy

In horror movies, young women are always required to investigate strange noises, in their most revealing lingerie!
"Hollywood Rule Book", Vanity Fair

Matt: Lori Petty’s hairstyle has changed like 12 times, despite there being little to no water for her to wash it with.
Chris: She’s stylin’ dry!
Matt: She can generate extensions at will.
Chris: That’s enough to get her into the Xavier School.
Chris Sims and Matt Wilson on Tank Girl

And then there’s Nyssa’s skirt. I get that she’s supposed to be stripping off because she’s feverish, but it doesn’t really come across that well on-screen...way to overshadow the rest of the serial, Sutton! In fact, you’d swear this was the only thing that happened for the entire four-part adventure.

Chris: You may have noticed that at this point, we are halfway through the episode and we haven't even seen Doomsday, let alone any actual Superman/Doomsday conflict. But that's okay, because now it's time for Tess and Lois to wrestle on Clark's desk.
David: I don't even remember the impetus for this fight.
Chris: I'm going to guess it was 'We only have enough in the budget for Clark and Doomsday to fight for three minutes. What else can we do to please our 18 to 25-year-old male demographic?'
ComicsAlliance on Smallville'' ("Doomsday")

General Ironicus: Why is she sticking her ass out like that?
Chip Cheezum: IT'S SEXY!!!
General Ironicus: And what can make her stop?