Quotes / Ridiculously Average Guy

Comic Books

Jean was his favorite. He sensed her potential, even then. And he's always been partial to psychics. He'd never admit it, but he thinks we're a bit ... above. Hank is a genius, and terribly good with people. Warren looked like a god. And Xavier picks you? To lead. Why? Because you had nothing else. The one time you had to defend your title, you lost it. To Storm. Potentially the most powerful team on earth and Xavier gave you the top position ... out of pity. Because he thought you'd wash out if you didn't get a little boost."''
Emma Frost to Cyclops, Astonishing X-Men vol. 3, No. 14''

Video Game

"Be it arm strength, running, stamina, or anything else, you are perfectly average. . . . It's something of a scientific miracle that you can be so completely unoutstanding."
Miriel, Fire Emblem Awakening, referring to Stahl

Web Animation

"I hate when Zelda games try to characterize Link (aka "Useless", aka "Snothat"), 'cause as we all know by now, with the exception of Wind Waker Link, he has no personality. He'd be played in the film by Orlando Bloom. I particularly hate when female characters have the hots for him; I don't know what the fuck signals these women think they're getting from him, 'cause he's got the expression of an untuned TV set."

Web Original

"Matt is so superfluous to the movie that he spends most of it knocked out in some form."
The Toast, "We Watched Brenda Starr (1989)"

"Fifty Shades’ PR team has begun trying to convince us that Dakota Johnson is someone we should pay attention to and they somehow managed to get her a Vogue cover. Only the cover has leaked so far, but I’m sure as soon as the other pictures and interview comes out, doctors will use it to cure patients suffering from severe chronic insomnia."

"I can describe her character in five words; acrobatic assassin who wears spandex. Theron just drifts through the movie like a zombie droning out one liners with all the emotion of Ben Stein. Just watching her say the line 'Amateurs' in the trailer is akin to Costner’s line read of 'My boat…' in Waterworld."

"It is headlined by stalwart Sinise, who's like The Great Stone Face of the police procedural, a Buster Keaton type whose facial muscles barely moved in the 12 or 13 shows I watched for this review. Though a fine actor, Sinese's character here is like a modern-day version of the colorless leads that used to populate B-level war and science fiction movies of the 1940s and '50s: John Agar, Rex Reason, Hugh Marlowe types — grimly determined but humorless and as two-dimensional as cardboard...At crime scenes he often acts like an impatient man at the end of a long line at McDonald's."

"Clark Kent's character in this show is consistent. It is so consistent, it never changes. From the beginning to the end he is a basically good guy who doesn't have a clue how to solve most situations without anyone's help, constantly making mistakes and not learning from them outside of dialogue lip service when it's convenient.

He isn't a leader. He is a doer. The last conflict he has in the show is having someone else tell him how to be Superman."

Chris: Once again, we get an episode where Clark just doesn’t do much...and so we get a ton of scenes where characters basically shout “JUST BECOME SUPERMAN ALREADY,” which, as someone who does the same thing at home, makes it oddly gratifying for me.
David: I’m perfectly fine with that, I really am. Clark’s parts are the most boring parts of the show.
Chris: Yeah, but I’d say that’s probably a pretty big problem in a show that’s meant to be about Clark.
—Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Smallville ("Shield")

"The real reason Enterprise sucked is very basic. It's because all of its characters—every single one—were little more than empty shells. By the time the series finale rolled around, I knew nothing more about the central characters than I knew in the pilot. No one exhibited even the slightest trace of an actual personality. None of them grew beyond the thumbnail descriptions seen on the leaked casting sheets."
The Agony Booth on Star Trek: Enterprise, "A Night in Sickbay"

MARTIN DELANEY (Jason Summerbee): Pretty much the lead character, which meant he was the only one who wasn’t allowed to have any discernible quirks or characteristics

Web Video

"It's at this point that I realize who the "Phantom Menace" is.

No, it's not Jorgé.

It's Qui-Gon Jinn. His character is totally baffling to me and I do not know why he is in this movie...If they did
have to have him in the movie, they shoulda had him on the ship, just, like, meditating the whole movie, and sayin' very little, and just bein' "wise"."