Quotes / Real Robot Genre

Gundam: Truly you super robots are really absurd.
Grendizer: What? And what for?
Gundam: And then all those impossible transformations and your approximate design! It's hard to understand how you can even bend your joints!
Grendizer (bending its forearm): Hey! That's right!
Gundam: Giant monsters and horrible aliens! Endless Fanservice! Incredible plot twists and collective laughter at sunset! Come on...!
Grendizer and Gundam: Hahahahahaha!
Grendizer: In short, you're envious...
Gundam: To die for!
Italian Webcomic Noi Robot [1]", "Episode 16: How Irrealistic!", arguing the differences between a super robot and a real robot (and lampshading "Stop Having Fun" Guys) (Spanish translation here)