Quotes: Read the Freaking Manual

"When all else fails, read the instructions."

"If you need instructions on how to get through the hotels, check out the enclosed instruction book."
(Fat) Mario, Hotel Mario

Ashley: Sometimes it's good to RTFM.
Liara: To what?

PJ: (reads manual) This is more complicated than I thought, Max...
Max: Oh, give me a break, Peej! (takes and tosses manual)
PJ: (stammers and sighs) Hey, don't we need the instructions?
Max: Instructions are for adults! Get with the program, dude!
Goof Troop, right before flying sparks cause them both to hide under the table.

"Nobody reads the manuals!"
Doug Dimmidome, The Fairly OddParents

"Telling people to RTFM is a piss-poor excuse for being a shitty software/UX designer. This isn't 1995 anymore. #Linux Users"
A Tweet on this subject.

"...and if somebody gives me an, 'RTFM' post, then I'll tell you 'RTFP', because saying 'RTFM' means you clearly did not read the post, as I stated right here that I don't HAVE the manual and that's why I am asking you in the first place."
— Taken out of a post detailing this issue.

Hobbes: Shouldn't we read the instructions?
Calvin: Do I look like a sissy?