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Quotes: Purity Sue
"The crew look awesome in civvies although this is the third time this year that Janeway has been stuck into virginal white. Are the writers trying to tell us something?"
—>—Doc Oho on Star Trek: Voyager, "Future's End"

"Janeway made it clear the only reason they were staying behind was because she didn't want to risk the Ocampa. All other reasons stumble in front of this point: it means that faced with a crew desperate to get home and a woman liable to literally attack her for this decision, she chose the weakest possible argument to give them that said 'We could, but we won't' instead of 'It just won't work.' This is because Jeri Taylor was involved, and Janeway had to do it for reasons of pure nobility rather than because it made sense."
Chuck Sonnenburg, discussing Star Trek: Voyager ("Caretaker")

"Lana. You're incredible.

Lana, how do you do it?

Lana, you do not stink, you're so fragrant you don't even need Old Spice Red Zone.

Lana, you're Athena.

Lana, you're perfect!

Every character seems to think and say this. No character ever really gives a reason why other than her looks. In a world where the intelligent are ignored, this is tantamount to character hare kare."
Neal Bailey on Smallville ("Thirst")

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