Quotes / Public-Domain Character

The public domain is simply incompatible with the traditions of American capitalism.
— Cary Sherman, president of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)

There is something decidedly communistic about the concept of the public domain. For this reason alone it should be abolished.
— Jack Valenti, former chairman of the MPAA

"So I kept describing him "like Dracula" until Joss stopped me and asked '... why not actually Dracula? He's Public Domain.'"
Marti Noxon on writing Buffy Vs Dracula

Long John Silver: Aye! My name be Long John Silver, scourge of the space whales!
Duck Dodgers: Long John Silver? Isnít that some kind of copyright infringement?
Long John Silver: Nah, boyo! It be in the public domain! I had me lawyers check.
Duck Dodgers, Shiver Me Dodgers