->'''Thief''': What's worse? That he urinates when he is angry or he calls it ''tinkle''?\\
'''Red Mage''': With Black Mage, it's really a menagerie of horror. I can't keep track of more.

->Dressing up [[spoiler:the judge]], killing [[spoiler:Rogers]] when he was chopping up sticks, drugging [[spoiler:Mrs. Rogers]] so that she overslept herself, arranging for a bumblebee when [[spoiler:Miss Brent]] died! It's like a horrible child playing a game.
-->-- '''Vera Claythorne''', ''Literature/AndThenThereWereNone''

->Tick ''was'' a kind man. He was a supremely innocent person, one who had no business associating with the mafia. But he had one talent: He was very, ''very'' good at hurting and torturing people.
-->-- ''LightNovel/{{Baccano}}''

->''Mommy! Mommy! Baby wants to fuck!''
-->-- Frank Booth, ''BlueVelvet''

-> ''Who wants to play?''\\
''We here to '''crush!'''''\\
''Go tank! Go tank!''\\
''Huhuhuh... he go bye-bye...''\\
''Here I coo-oome!''\\
''Make him look funny.''\\
''I break all my toys!''\\
'''''CRUSH THEM!'''''\\
''Ouch! That hurts!''\\
''They're picking on me!''\\
''I just wanted to play...''
-->-- '''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fi5pt7dO3s0 Grinder Tank]]''', ''VideoGame/CommandAndConquerRedAlert3: Uprising''

->''So he's like a child with superhuman capabilites. And really, there's nothing more pure and cruel as a child.''
-->-- [[Anime/CowboyBebop Jet Black]] talking about Mad Pierrot

->'''Bob:''' He's not a toy, Elle.\\
'''Elle:''' He ''COULD'' be...
-->-- ''Series/{{Heroes}}''

->''You're a child. That's what makes you so fucking scary.''
-->-- '''Nicholas Garrigan''' to '''Idi Amin''', ''TheLastKingOfScotland''

->''Oh tiny ice cream friends! Thog delay boredom driven rampage only for you!''
-->-- '''Thog''', ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick''

->''[[Literature/AliceInWonderland Alice]] treated the Mad Hatter as if he were a small, silly child. Katrina was like a silly child, too, but in real life, a grown-up acting like a child was scary.''
-->-- Overnight

->''"[=HeLlO. WoUlD yOu cOmE oVeR hERe?=]"''
-->-- [[MoreDakka Turret,]] ''VideoGame/{{Portal}}''.

->''I'll kill you all, you fucking mice! *breaks down sobbing* Dad...''
-->-- '''Luigi Largo''', RepoTheGeneticOpera

->'''Connor Rooney''': I can look after myself.\\
'''Frank Nitti''': No, you can't! This is the point. You're a big baby who doesn't know his thumb from his dick!

-> '''Jim Moriarty''': It has been fun, though, hasn't it? This little game of ours. Playing Jim from IT, playing ''gay''...did you like that little touch with the underwear?\\
'''Sherlock Holmes''': People have died.\\
'''Jim Moriarty''': That's what people '''''[[SuddenlyShouting DO!]]'''''

->''"A childhood is a terrible thing to lose, Ms. Lane. But I'm getting mine back WITH A VENGEANCE!"''
-->-- '''Toy Man''', ''WesternAnimation/SupermanTheAnimatedSeries''

->''"Lucifer is a bratty child throwing a temper tantrum."''
-->--'''Death''', ''Series/{{Supernatural}}''

->''"You're nothing but a sad little boy, Warren. But it's time you grow up and pay for what you've done."''
-->--'''Buffy Summers''', ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer''

->''"I think I know you, Teatime. You're the mad kid they're all scared of, right? The giggling excitable one even the bullies never touched because if they did he went insane and kicked and bit. The kid who didn't know the difference between chucking a stone at a cat and setting it on fire."''
-->--'''Susan Sto Helit''', ''Discworld/{{Hogfather}}''

->''"I've gone through time and space so many times that I haven't aged like a normal person. Who knows, [[TimeAbyss I might be 1,000 years old, or even 10,000 years old]]. [[ImmortalImmaturity But, despite that, I'm still the same kid at heart]]! Is that funny? It is, isn't it? Does it make you laugh? [[VillainousBreakdown Are you laughing at me]]?!"''
-->-- '''King P[[spoiler:orky]]''', ''VideoGame/{{Mother3}}''