Quotes / Pop-Culture Isolation

"The wall between us all must fall"
Living Colour, Wall

"Why my buzz in L.A. ain't like it is in New York?"
Jadakiss, Why

"It doesn't make any sense! Joke after joke how blacks haven't contributed to society and can't think for themselves, but they looked at me as if I was an out-of-touch, old fool! I made solid references to things from the 50's and 60's in a room full of young comedy fans. How does that go wrong?!"

Gregg: The dancing girl who shows lots of skin has a long history in entertainment, at least as far back as vaudeville.
Drew: Is this a parody? Is this whole article written By Jon Lovitz in his Evelyn Quinn costume? WHY, BONERS GO BACK TO THE DAYS OF SHECKY GREENE IN THE POCONOS!

It feels like talking about George Lucas at this point is like beating a dead horse, but he's just endlessly fascinating. To see him on The Daily Show and talking about the film as if it's some socially-important thing, and saying that 'This is the first all-black action movie.' He comes across as incredibly out of touch; you're like, 'There's been fuckin' decades of black action movies! There was an entire subgenre of it in the seventies!'

Young Paige was THE hot act in NXT prior to her arrival on the main roster. Since that time, she has flip-flopped as a babyface and heel so often it has even Big Show shaking his head. Further hindered by the fact that the company seemingly doesnít get the idea of a goth chick. Címon, VinceÖI know you have to remember Wednesday on The Addams Family! (The TV show, that is. The movie would be far too recent for you to have seen, Iím sure.)

"Flattop has moved from new wave í80s hits back to the í70s, as he now sings 'Disco Inferno' while attempting to fill our hero with hot lead. Iím reassured that Dick is completely unfamiliar with the lyrics to these extremely popular song; itís a well known fact that the music industry is dominated by communists and degenerates, and itís best to avoid the radio altogether as a result."