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Quotes: Playing Against Type
"For most of my acting career before Riker, I played really despicable human beings: drug dealers and father-killers and henpecked husbands and browbeaten weaklings and spineless characters and villains and—characters you wouldn't aspire to be as a person. So, being cast as Riker was very odd for me as an actor."
Jonathan Frakes, Star Trek: The Next Generation featurette

"It's a nice contrast to what I do on L.A. Law because Benny is like the the world's nicest guy, and Robert G. Durant is like the world's worst guy. He dresses well, and speaks well, and does awful things."
Larry Drake on his role in Darkman

"Earlier this month, Ice-T spent two days recording the audiobook version of a new Dungeons & Dragons novel, because the casting director of said audiobook is one of the greatest heroes in American history. Ice-T was thoroughly baffled by the experience, claiming "Dungeons & Dragons is some of the most crazy, deep, deep, deep nerd shit ever invented ... this shit is impossible to read." You could print whatever combination of numbers you wanted on the price tag for this audiobook, and it would still be a pittance in exchange for the privilege of hearing Ice-T angrily narrate the exploits of a bunch of lute faeries and goblin chancellors."

"For the directing role was the questionable choice of Robert Altman. Those of you who know Altman knows that it is on par with choosing Darren Aronofsky for Woody Woodpecker: The Movie or David Lynch for The Goofy Movie."

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