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Quotes: Pistol-Whipping
"I will explain to my Legions of Terror that guns are ranged weapons and swords are not. Anyone who attempts to throw a sword at the hero or club him with a gun will be summarily executed."

"The pistol whip! Proving you don't need bullets to kill with a gun!"
"Who the f*** even needs to hit anybody with a pistol anyways? You know it's a f***ing pistol, use it as a pistol!"
Narrator, Johnny Lew Fratto, Deadliest Warrior, Jesse James vs. Al Capone.

"Birdman caught me on his property
He saw me trespassing his real estate
He reached in his pocket for a pistol
He came after me and pistol-whipped my behind"
Wesley Willis, "Birdman Kicked My Ass"

"That still counts as a Sniper kill."
Church, Red vs. Blue

Mal: Say that to my face.
Drunk: I said you're a coward, and a piss-pot. Now what are you gonna do about it?
Mal: Nothin'. I just wanted you to face me so she could get behind you.
The drunk turns around, and Zoe smashes him in the face with the butt of her hogleg.
Mal: Drunks are so cute.
— "Train Job", Firefly

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