->''"You kneel before Satan on the block [in World 1-3], and after six seconds you fall through. There's six arrows on the Possession meter, and to reach the goal [in the first fortress of World 3] you go in the sixth door. That's 666! Everywhere you look it's the number of the Beast!"''
-->-- '''WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd''' on ''VideoGame/SuperMarioBros3''

->''"Six! Six six! The Number of the Beast!\\
Six! Six six! [[EvilIsCool The one for you and me!]]"''
-->-- '''Music/IronMaiden''', "The Number of the Beast"

->''"He wuz wearing a blak tshirt wif 666 on da front and baggy jeanz."''
-->-- ''[[Fanfic/MyImmortal My Immortal]]'', after Draco [[spoiler: is caught doing it with Snap]].

->''"It was just a number, of course. If you kept counting, you'd reach it eventually. But still, you had to smile."''
-->-- '''[[HorsemenOfTheApocalypse Famine]]''', on the address of his building, ''Literature/GoodOmens''