->''"Even though we're not related by blood..."''
-->-- Too many [[BrotherSisterIncest incest]] {{hentai}} to count.

->''"No marriage may be effected between [[IncestIsRelative lineal relatives by blood, nor between collateral relatives by blood up to the third degree of relationship]]; [[ValuesDissonance however, this shall not apply between an adopted child and any of the collateral relatives by blood on the side of the adoptive relatives.]]"''
-->-- Article 734, Civil Code of Japan. [[TruthInTelevision The prime source of this phenomenon]].

->'''Jack:''' What's coming?\\
'''Locke:''' Something mysterious, but first here comes a father and a son. And a Korean who speaks perfect English, but nobody knows it yet. Oh yeah, there's also a hot blonde who's had sex with her brother, but they are not blood related so it's okay... kind of.
-->--''Series/MadTV's'' ''Series/{{Lost}}'' parody

->'''Matt:''' [reading text] I'm tired of my sister- She is your cousin A. And B that's still [[KissingCousins terrible]].
-->--''Matt from Two Best Friends '' as he plays a [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hj2AxqffSlo Bible Black game]]