->'''Red Mage''': The point is that we defeated him. He's gone. He shall never trouble us. Ever again.\\
(''cut to {{Hell}}'')\\
'''Lich''': [[Film/GhostbustersII Time is a window. Death, a doorway. I'll be back.]]
-->-- ''Webcomic/EightBitTheater''

->'''Thief''': Did the plan work?\\
'''Red Mage''': ''No one'' could have survived that, Thief.\\
'''Black Mage''': Point of order: us.\\
'''Red Mage''': We're statistical outliers on the survivability curve.\\
'''Black Mage''': It's ''four for four!'' That's ''100%!'' How is that an outlier?
-->-- ''Webcomic/EightBitTheater''

->Please, Zuko. What ulterior motive could I have? What could I possibly gain by letting you get all the glory for defeating the Avatar? Unless somehow, the Avatar was actually alive. All that glory would suddenly turn to shame and foolishness. But you said yourself that was impossible.
-->-- '''[[MagnificentBitch Azula]]''', ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender''

->[[TheDragon She's]] not gonna make it! (''Azula manages to stop her fall'') ...of course she did.
-->-- '''Zuko''', ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender''

-> '''Gunn-Sar:''' What's the tally of challenges?\\
'''Cato:''' Twenty-five dead and one missing, sir.\\
'''Gunn-Sar:''' Oh, come on, Cato. Don't quibble. Marquin fell backwards off the cliff.\\
'''Cato:''' Yes, sir.\\
'''Gunn-Sar:''' So he's dead. Like, you can't say someone's missing as such. Not when they've taken a dive into a bottomless gorge.\\
'''Cato:''' No sir.\\
'''Gunn-Sar:''' So, it's twenty-six dead.\\
'''Cato:''' The Council ruled it was twenty-five, sir, and one missing.\\
'''Gunn-Sar:''' (''unperturbed'') Twenty-five men lie dead who tried to stand against me. And one, if he's not still falling, is no more than a greasy spot on the rocks, right?
-->-- ''Series/BlakesSeven'', "Power"

->'''Tarrant:''' How did you get away from the Liberator?
->'''Servalan:''' It was difficult.
->'''Tarrant:''' It was impossible.
->'''Servalan:''' Manifestly not.
->'''Tarrant:''' So how?
->'''Servalan:''' The teleport. A [[ExplosiveInstrumentation malfunction.]] A [[TimTaylorTechnology power surge]]. Suddenly I was [[CasualInterstellarTravel back on a Federation world]].
->'''Tarrant:''' What a [[PlotArmor lucky little commissioner you are.]]
-->-- ''Series/BlakesSeven'', "Sand"

->'''[[BigBad Cooler]]:''' So. Who thinks he's dead?\\
'''[[QuirkyMiniBossSquad Sauza]]:''' Dead.\\
'''[[TheUnintelligible Neiz]]:''' Krii!\\
'''Doore:''' That boy is dead as mud.\\
'''Cooler:''' [[AvertedTrope Too bad, I sign your paychecks.]] Search the forest.\\
'''Sauza:''' [[GratuitousFrench Qu'est-ce que]] [[PrecisionFStrike fuck]].
-->-- ''WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged'', "Revenge of Cooler"

->'''Gang member:''' There's ''no way'' they survived.\\
'''[[TheDragon Caleb]]:''' They're not dead until we find 'em dead. [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill Or part of 'em, anyway.]]
-->-- ''Film/{{Dredd}}''

->'''Naraku''': Oops, killed your girlfriend again, Inuyasha.\\
'''Inuyasha''': Bullshit, do you know how many cliffs Kikyo has fallen off? She'll be fine. Hell, I threw her off one last week.
-->-- ''Manga/{{Inuyasha}}: Episode Infinity''

->'''Batman:''' ''Nothing'' could have survived [[EarthShatteringKaboom that.]] Not even ComicBook/{{Darkseid}}.\\
'''Superman:''' You know something, Bruce? ''You're not always right.''
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague'', "Twilight"

->'''Martian Manhunter:''' In many ways, Lex Luthor represents the worst mankind has to offer.\\
'''Superman:''' But he died saving us all.\\
'''Batman:''' I doubt that either of them died.\\
'''Superman:''' We ''saw'' it this time...\\
'''Flash:''' You saw it last time, too.\\
'''Green Lantern:''' What's the old saying? Believe half of what you see-\\
'''Hawkgirl:''' And none of what you hear. They'll be back.
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague'', "Destroyer"

->'''Croc''': But we saw you fall to your death!\\
'''Oogway''': No, you saw me ''fall.''
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/KungFuPanda: Secrets of the Masters''

->"Surprised? You thought I'd perished in the million-megaparsec blast radius of that supernova bomb!"
-->-- '''Lonzak''', ''Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space''

->Supervillains never die in bottomless pits. It's like an unwritten law or something.
-->-- '''[[Series/PowerRangersInSpace Psycho Yellow]]''', ''[[http://www.geocities.ws/prhiddenwar/ Power Rangers Hidden War]]''

-> '''Tonk Fah''': You think he'll live?\\
'''Denth''': He just fell out the third-story window, plummeting toward certain doom. Of course he'll live!
-->-- ''Literature/{{Warbreaker}}''

->I buried [[AntiVillain you]] alive and I put a rock on what was going to be your grave... how could you get out of that?
-->-- '''Venomstripe''' to [[DefectorFromDecadence Pulse]], ''Roleplay/WarriorCatsRPG''

->'''{{Mook}} 1:''' There's no way he could have survived that fall.\\
'''Seto Kaiba:''' (''off-camera'') Actually, I seem to be okay.\\
'''Mook 2:''' Nope, he's definitely dead.\\
'''Seto Kaiba:''' (''off-camera'') You guys are idiots.\\
'''Mook 1:''' At least we're not dead, like you.
-->-- ''WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries''

-> ''"Come home, Hans. Nothing could be left alive in that furnace."''
-->-- Concerned wife about The Monster, ''Film/{{Frankenstein 1931}}''

-> ''"He/She/They/(Name of character) survives this."''
-->-- WebVideo/CinemaSins [[RunningGag any time this trope is used]]

->'''Spock:''' Search the enemy ship for signs of life.\\
'''Sulu:''' Sir, there's no way anyone survived!\\
'''Spock:''' ''[[SuperSoldier He]]'' could.
-->-- ''Film/StarTrekIntoDarkness''

->'''Jenn:''' How is he still alive? That is just not possible. Maybe it's not really him; just someone pretending to be him to catch us off guard.\\
'''Cotton:''' Well, we never did check for a pulse. We just assumed.\\
'''Jenn:''' Yes, because you don't usually survive being ''[[SuddenlyShouting SHOT IN THE]]'' '''''[[PrecisionFStrike FUCKING]]''''' ''[[TisOnlyABulletInTheBrain HEAD!!]]''