->'''Red Mage''': The point is that we defeated him. He's gone. He shall never trouble us. Ever again.\\
(''cut to {{Hell}}'')\\
'''Lich''': [[Film/GhostbustersII Time is a window. Death, a doorway. I'll be back.]]
-->-- ''Webcomic/EightBitTheater''

->'''Thief''': Did the plan work?\\
'''Red Mage''': ''No one'' could have survived that, Thief.\\
'''Black Mage''': Point of order: us.\\
'''Red Mage''': We're statistical outliers on the survivability curve.\\
'''Black Mage''': It's ''four for four!'' That's ''100%!'' How is that an outlier?
-->-- ''Webcomic/EightBitTheater''

->[[TheDragon She's]] not gonna make it! (''Azula manages to stop her fall'') ...of course she did.
-->-- '''Zuko''', ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender''

-> '''Gunn-Sar''': What's the tally of challenges?\\
'''Cato''': Twenty-five dead and one missing, sir.\\
'''Gunn-Sar''': Oh, come on, Cato. Don't quibble. Marquin fell backwards off the cliff.\\
'''Cato''': Yes, sir.\\
'''Gunn-Sar''': So he's dead. Like, you can't say someone's missing as such. Not when they've taken a dive into a bottomless gorge.\\
'''Cato''': No sir.\\
'''Gunn-Sar''': So, it's twenty-six dead.\\
'''Cato''': The council ruled it was twenty-five, sir, and one missing.\\
'''Gunn-Sar''': (''unperturbed'') Twenty-five men lie dead who tried to stand against me. And one, if he's not still falling, is no more than a greasy spot on the rocks, right?
-->-- ''Series/BlakesSeven'', "Power"

->'''[[BigBad Cooler]]:''' So. Who thinks he's dead?\\
'''[[QuirkyMiniBossSquad Sauza]]:''' Dead.\\
'''[[TheUnintelligible Neiz]]:''' Krii!\\
'''Doore:''' That boy is dead as mud.\\
'''Cooler:''' [[AvertedTrope Too bad, I sign your paychecks.]] [[GenreSavvy Search the forest.]]\\
'''Sauza:''' [[GratuitousFrench Qu'est-ce que]] [[PrecisionFStrike fuck]].
-->-- ''WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged'', "Revenge of Cooler"

->'''Gang member:''' There's ''no way'' they survived.\\
'''[[TheDragon Caleb]]:''' [[GenreSavvy They're not dead until we find 'em dead.]] [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill Or part of 'em, anyway.]]
-->-- ''Film/{{Dredd}}''

->'''Naraku''': Oops, killed your girlfriend again, Inuyasha.\\
'''Inuyasha''': Bullshit, do you know how many cliffs Kikyo has fallen off? She'll be fine. Hell, I threw her off one last week.
-->-- ''Manga/{{Inuyasha}}: Episode Infinity''

->'''Franchise/{{Batman}}:''' ''Nothing'' could have survived [[EarthShatteringKaboom that.]] Not even ComicBook/{{Darkseid}}.\\
'''Franchise/{{Superman}}:''' You know something, Bruce? ''You're not always right.''
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague'', "Twilight"

->'''[[ComicBook/MartianManhunter J'onn]]:''' In many ways, ComicBook/LexLuthor represents the worst mankind has to offer.\\
'''Superman:''' But he died saving us all.\\
'''Batman:''' I doubt either of them died.\\
'''Superman:''' We ''saw'' it this time...\\
'''Franchise/TheFlash:''' You saw it last time, too.\\
'''Franchise/GreenLantern:''' What's the old saying? Believe half of what you see-\\
'''[[ComicBook/{{Hawkman}} Hawkgirl]]:''' And none of what you hear. They'll be back.
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague'', "Destroyer"

->'''Croc''': But we saw you fall to your death!\\
'''Oogway''': No, you saw me ''fall.''
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/KungFuPanda: Secrets of the Masters''

->''"Surprised? You thought I'd perished in the million-megaparsec blast radius of that supernova bomb!"''
-->-- ''Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space''

->Supervillains never die in bottomless pits. It's like an unwritten law or something.
-->-- '''[[Series/PowerRangersInSpace Psycho Yellow]]''', ''[[http://www.geocities.ws/prhiddenwar/ Power Rangers Hidden War]]''

-> '''Tonk Fah''': You think he'll live?\\
'''Denth''': He just fell out the third-story window, plummeting toward certain doom. Of course he'll live!
-->-- ''Literature/{{Warbreaker}}''

->I buried [[AntiVillain you]] alive and I put a rock on what was going to be your grave... how could you get out of that?
-->-- '''Venomstripe''' to [[DefectorFromDecadence Pulse]], ''Roleplay/WarriorCatsRPG''

->'''{{Mook}} 1:''' There's no way he could have survived that fall.\\
'''Seto Kaiba:''' (''off-camera'') Actually, I seem to be okay.\\
'''Mook 2:''' Nope, he's definitely dead.\\
'''Seto Kaiba:''' (''off-camera'') You guys are idiots.\\
'''Mook 1:''' At least we're not dead, like you.
-->-- ''WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries''

-> ''"Come home, Hans. Nothing could be left alive in that furnace."''
-->-- Concerned wife about The Monster, ''Film/{{Frankenstein 1931}}''

-> ''"He survives this."''
-->-- WebVideo/CinemaSins [[RunningGag any time this trope is used]]