Quotes: No Longer with Us

We use a lot of euphemisms when we talk about death, you know? People say things like, "You know, I lost my father." "Ah he'll turn up!" You gotta stay optimistic with people like that - give 'em reason to hope. "Have you checked the dumpster out back? He used to like to take a nap in there."
L: Light Yagami is dead and there's nothing I can do to help him now.
Mello: You can't blame yourself, L. He's in a better place.
L: Pffff... Yes. He certainly is.

Fluttershy's Dad: Where is she?
Princess Luna: Be at ease, Sundown. She is at peace.
Fluttershy's Dad: (cold stare)
"All our euphemisms have some such problem. 'Departed' sounds as if he caught the afternoon train. 'No longer with us' may suggest that he ran off with someone else. And even 'in a better place' makes some people think of their favorite resorts."