Quotes / Noka

"Oh hush. ...please. It's rare for anyone to have weirdly colored hair. Elves included. I got stuck with blonde because it's about as common as black hair for humans. Unless one of my parents actually cheated with some other person and I'm really a bastard child with coincidental hair coloó"
Az, on why he looks so average

"Why?! Pandas are useless! We have to force them to breed with each other just to keep them from going extinct!"
KT, in an attempt to convince Noka that panda bears are fair game

"Well! The moral of the story is to never aim your... never shoot a gun while... don't listen to KT."

Alo: 'Oh, Iíll try! Mana is...magic?'
Dante: '...Does that work?'
Az: 'I can't do any better.'
Alo: 'íCause, you can do magical things with it. Like, likeósummon fire out of your hands!ó'
Alo: 'Or rain down lightning!'
Az: 'Or power the remote control with no batteries.'
Az: 'And...yeah, freeze stuff. Mostly seafood and beef to keep it from rotting, but...'

"Bread shouldn't be at the top. It takes a long time to kill bread. Everyone knows this."

"I need help! My friendís bleeding out all over the sidewalk out there! Please! Anyone!"
Noka, right before bamboozling free food from a diner, all while manipulating the employees into helping him.