Quotes / Mysterious Employer

Mr. Administrator: (invisible from the eyes up) We came here to demand an improvement in the product that we ordered.
Dana: Okay, so, we know what you don't want, thanks... what is it that you do want to see?
Mr. Administrator: We gave you the responsibility of overseeing the creative production in this show. It is not our place to tell you what to do.
Dana: And yet that is exactly what you're doing.
Mr. Administrator: Because you are not living up to our expectations.
Dana: Well then, how 'bout this. How about our next video... be Mysterious Employer? With the vague motivations, the toying with employees, the implication of an over-arching plan, when really, there's nothing. Uh, gee, Tom, does that sound at all... familiar to you?
Tom: Me?
Mr. Administrator: —for the last time! Your next video will be a work of genius, or we will SHUT YOU DOWN. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? End transmission.
-Echo Chamber, Episode Ten