->''"Ladies. Gentlemen. [[LadiesAndGerms Ted.]]"''
-->--'''Barney''', ''Series/HowIMetYourMother''

->'''Ruby:''' Sisters! Friends!...Weiss.\\
'''Weiss:''' Hey!
-->-- ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}''

->''"You aren't alone. You have friends that care about you... and [[TokenEvilTeammate Etna]]."''
-->--'''Adell''', ''VideoGame/Disgaea2CursedMemories''

->''"Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev! And some nobody!"''
-->-- '''Erisiel Vrumugun''', ''{{LightNovel/Slayers}}: The Ghost of Sairaag''

->''"Ladies and gentlemen... and you, Elias."''
-->-- '''Randal Graves''', ''Film/ClerksII''

->''"I am not about to let the ''third'' thing with my friends... and Dave and Lisa... be ruined because of the [[MonsterOfTheWeek monster]]... or douchebag... of the week messed everything up!"''
-->-- '''Koden''', ''WebAnimation/DSBTInsaniT'', "The Camping Webisode"

->'''The Judger:''' We are "The Legion of Super Heroes, and the Knifeketeer," a collection of the world's mightiest crime fighters. And the Knifeketeer.\\
'''The Knifeketeer:''' I'm feeling a bit excluded.\\
'''The Judger:''' You're included. That is what "and" means.
-->-- ''Webcomic/BasicInstructions'', [[http://basicinstructions.net/basic-instructions/2010/6/9/how-to-be-kind-to-the-least-among-you.html "How to Be Kind to the Least Among You"]]

->''"I mean, this is a fantastic cast of really well known actors, and Amanda Peet."''
-->-- '''[[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment Noah Antwiler]]''', on ''Film/TwoThousandTwelve''

->''"They offered Creator/MichaelDouglas $15 million for the lead role but he refused. Then they offered the movie to Creator/KeanuReeves, Creator/TomCruise, Creator/DanielDayLewis (can you picture that?), Creator/JeffBridges, Creator/MichaelKeaton, Creator/CharlieSheen, Creator/LiamNeeson, and ''[[WTHCastingAgency Tim Robbins]]'' (again, can you picture that?). Then they finally offered the movie to Matthew Modine. Congratulations Matthew, you were only the tenth person they considered for the role. You only slightly beat out Creator/DavidHasselhoff. I was surprised they didnít offer Stallone the role frankly. [[BaitAndSwitchComment Frank Stallone]] that is."''
-->-- '''[[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment Miles Antwiler]]''', [[http://moviemoses.wordpress.com/2010/05/20/cutthroat-island-renny-harlin-1995/ on]] ''Film/CutthroatIsland''

->''"It all started out promising enough. [[Wrestling/{{TNA}} The Carters]] had decided to go for broke and started bringing in big name talent. [[Wrestling/HulkHogan Hogan.]] [[Wrestling/RicFlair Flair.]] [[Wrestling/JeffHardy Hardy]]. [[Wrestling/RobVanDam Van Dam]]. [[Wrestling/TheNastyBoys Knobbs.]]\\\
[[DoubleTake Wait, what?]]''"
-->-- ''{{Website/Wrestlecrap}}'', [[http://www.wrestlecrap.com/inductions/the-new-monday-night-wars-2010-gooker-award-winner/ "The New Monday Night Wars"]]

->''"[[Music/BonJovi Jon Bon Jovi]]'s bid was too low for the NFL. That's right: The Bills got lowballed by Jon Bon Jovi. They couldn't even get Music/BruceSpringsteen to bid on this team. They had to get Springsteen's [[PoorMansSubstitute private-label equivalent]]... I just imagine people going by the listing and being like, 'Christ, that's STILL on the market?' It's like trying to sell a house someone OD'd in."''
-->-- ''"[[http://deadspin.com/why-your-team-sucks-2014-buffalo-bills-1628452314 Why Your Team Sucks 2014]]: Buffalo Bills"''

->'''Andrew Luck''': We'll have four great teams.\\
'''Brandon Weeden''': Two thrilling matchups.\\
'''Christian Ponder''': Three elite quarterbacks.\\
'''Andy Dalton''': And Joe Flacco.\\
'''Joe Flacco''': So help me, I will beat the [[UnusualEuphemism Romo]] out of every single one of you.
-->-- ''Website/NFLQuarterbacksOnFacebook: Divisional Roundup''

->'''Strong Bad''': Oh man! Stuck in who-knows-where-ville which a bunch of losers and Strong Sad!\\
'''Strong Sad''': I don't know whether to be insulted, complemented, or both...
-->-- ''WebAnimation/HomestarRunner [[WebAnimation/MyLittlePonyMeets meets My Little Pony]]''

->My book, ''Moon of Pluto'', is already available in all bookstores from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Central America, Spain, China, Japan, Nazi Germany, Guatemala, South Africa, Brasil, the city of Baghdad, [[UsefulNotes/{{Chernobyl}} the ghost town of Pripyat]], Ucrania, Antarctica, the North Pole, Bangladesh, North Korea, [[Manga/DragonBall Namek]], [[ComicBook/{{Batman}} Gotham City]], Vatican City, the Roman Empire, Chernobyl, the sea abyss, the state of Pennsylvania, Jerusalem, the island of Poveglia in Italy, the villages of Pompeii and Herculanum, Cambodia, Egypt, the people of Baviera, Russia, Turkmenistan, Italy, England, Irak, the old Jewish cemetery, France, Saudi Arabia, Ancient Persia, the Marianas Trench, Norway, Loki's Castle, India, the underworld of several countries, the Deep Web, Taringa, 4chan, [[CountryMatters your mother's cunt]], [[UpToEleven all universes, all dimensions, all realities from the cosmos and the creation]], '''and Venezuela'''.
-->-- [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cF8dcQHM3cY This parody]] of a Youtuber's announcement of one of his books that underwent MemeticMutation.

-> ''Tomb of Horrors 2\\
Ruins of Azakar Klor 15\\
Shadowspire Castle 24\\
Manchester 26''
-->-- Entry # 7 of ''{{Website/Cracked}}'''s "[[http://www.cracked.com/photoplasty_204_if-real-life-worked-like-role-playing-game_p25/#20 If Real Life Worked Like A Video Game]]"