Quotes: My Beloved Smother

I have some issues with my beloved smothermother!!
Principal Seymour Skinner, The Simpsons

"Ooh Babe, you'll always be a baby to me..."
Pink Floyd, The Wall, "Mother"

"A boy's best friend is his mother."
Norman Bates, Psycho

Anyone here have one of those mothers who worry about every little thing and then make up statistics to justify it?
"Now, you be careful in Toronto. You know, two people from the Maritimes are killed in Toronto every year.......and nobody's been killed yet this year."
Stand-up comedian

(ghost coming from a mirror) Come here, Emery! I wanna see if you've been cleaning your nails! I wanna look behind your ears. I wanna look at your teeth. And what about down there? Come to Mommy Emmy! Come to Momma! Have you been doing that nasty thing again? I hear you in your room at night. Mommy hears everything!
Mrs. Waterman, Rose Red

You KNOW I love you...
The Other Mother, , Coraline

Mother's right here
Mother will protect you
Darling, here's what I suggest,
Skip the drama!
Stay with mama!
Mother knows best
Mother Gothel, Mother Knows Best, Tangled

Every girl I go out with
Becomes my mother in the end
Well, I hear my mother calling
But I don't need her as a friend
Andy Summers of The Police, Synchronicity, "Mother"