Quotes / Mexican Standoff

Marshal Nathan Van Cleef: How about that? It's a Mexican standoff. Only we ain't got no Mexicans.

Trinity: You wanna make a deal? How about this? You give me Neo or we all die, right here, right now.
Merovingian: (gun to his head) Interesting deal. You are really ready to die for this man?
Trinity: Believe it.
Persephone: She'll do it. If she has to, she'll kill everyone here. She's in love.
The Merovingian: It is remarkable how similar the pattern of love is to the pattern of insanity.

"U guyz are in a Latin stand-of!111" I shouted despariedrly.
Ebony, My Immortal

Landon Ricketts: An impasse, sir. An impasse.

"We seem to be at an impasse. If you move, violence erupts. If we move, violence erupts. That's a lot of erupting violence."
Erskine Ravel, Skulduggery Pleasant

"Whoa, whoa! There must be some kind of peaceful resolution to this, fellas! Or even a violent one where I'm standing over there."