-->'''-- TagLine'''

->[[ChildSoldier A Man forced to Kill]]\\
[[VideoGame/MetalGearSolid2SonsOfLiberty A Man forced to be a "Snake"]]\\
A Man forced into a Lie\\
A Man forced into Solitude\\
[[VideoGame/MetalGearSolid4GunsOfThePatriots A Man forced]] [[UnwillingRoboticisation to become Inhuman]]\\
A Man forced into Black Ops\\
A Man forced to Kneel\\
A Man forced to Sacrifice\\
A Man forced to Suffer\\
One Man forced to seek {{REVENGE}}!\\
When only VENGEANCE remains...\\
The Ripper Returns\\
[[HumanWeapon Killing Machines with the mind of a human]]\\
[[MegaCorp Private Militaries plunged into lawlessness]]\\
[[WarForFunAndProfit The war economy spirals out of control]]\\
[[HumanResources Body parts traded sold as weapons]]\\
A modern battlefield divided by a [[EverythingsBetterWithSamurai Samurai's]] blade\\
In a world seeped in REVENGE...\\
Can man Rise above VENGEANCE?\\
-->--[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Op8mjKZxccM The final trailer, "cut"]]

-> "What about all the good things war has done for us? Why don't we ever hear speeches about that? Jobs, technology, a common purpose... All we're sayin' is... '''GIVE WAR A CHANCE!'''"

-> '''Sam:''' "Now I see. You deny your weapon its purpose. It yearns to bath in the blood of your enemies... but you hold it back."\\
'''Raiden:''' No... [[ArcWords My sword is a tool of justice]]."
-->-- '''Riaden''' and '''Sam''' arguing atop the train.

-> 'This is what happens when you bring a ''tool'' to a ''sword''fight!'
-->'''-- Sam,''' response to Raiden's axiom.

-> [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech 'Is your cause just, or is that 'just' what you tell yourself?']]
-->'''-- Sam''', to '''Raiden'''

-> "That nickname you love sooo much- wanna know how I got it? Actually, why don't I give you a demonstration? I think it's time for [[SuperpoweredEvilSide Jack]]... [[CurbstompBattle TO LET 'ER RIP!]]"
-->'''-- Raiden''', about to duel '''Monsoon''' after his [[SociopathicHero Jack the Ripper persona]] is [[BreakThemByTalking reawakened]] [[HoistByHisOwnPetard by him]].

-> "[[ForGreatJustice All that talk about justice]]... [[HeelRealization and here I am]], just [[SociopathicHero another]] [[AxCrazy killer]]..."
-->'''-- Raiden''', in the immediate aftermath of unlocking his Jack the Ripper persona.

-> "'I have a dream.' That one day every person in this nation will control their own destiny. A nation of the truly free, dammit. A nation of ''action'', not words, ruled by ''strength'', not committee! Where the law changes to suit the individual, not the other way around. Where power and justice are back where they belong: in the hands of the people! Where every man is free to think - to act - for himself! Fuck all these limp-dick lawyers and chickenshit bureaucrats. Fuck this 24-hour Internet spew of trivia and celebrity bullshit! ''Fuck American pride! Fuck the media!'' '''''FUCK ALL OF IT!''''' America is diseased. Rotten to the core. There's no saving it - we need to pull it out by the roots. Wipe the slate clean. '''''BURN IT DOWN!''''' And from the ashes a new America will be born. Evolved, but untamed! The weak will be purged and the strongest will thrive - free to live as they see fit, they'll make America ''great again!'' ...In my new America, people will die and kill for what they BELIEVE! Not for money. not for oil! Not for what they're told is right. Every man will be free to fight his own wars!"
--> '''--[[spoiler:Steven Armstrong]]'''

-> "Maybe I ''was'' wrong about you..."\\
"you're not greedy..."\\
"'''''[[PrecisionFStrike YOU'RE BATSHIT INSANE!]]'''''"
--> '''--Raiden''', in response to the above.

-> "I said my sword was a [[ForGreatJustice tool of justice.]] [[TheStoic Not used in anger.]] [[TechnicalPacifist Not used for vengeance.]] [[spoiler:[[GoodIsNotNice But now...]] [[HeelRealization Now I'm not so sure.]] [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome And besides,]] ''[[SwordOfPlotAdvancement this]] [[ExactWords isn't]] [[LoopholeAbuse my sword.]]]]''"
-->'''-- Raiden [[spoiler:before using Sam's Murasama to fight [[FinalBoss Senator Armstrong]] after [[HoistByHisOwnPetard his own sword is broken by Armstrong]].]]'''

![[http://platinumgames.com/metal-gear-rising-revengeance-vocal-tracks-lyrics/ Lyrics]]

[[folder: Rules Of Nature]]
->The time has come to an end\\
Yeah this is what nature planned.\\
Being tracked by a starving beast\\
Looking for its daily feast\\
A predator on the verge of death\\
Close to its last breath\\
Getting close to its last breath!\\
And they run when the sun comes up,\\
With their lives on the line\\
ALIVE! For a while,\\
NO CHOICE! Gotta follow the laws of the wild!\\
ALIVE! With their lives on the line.\\
NO CHOICE! Out here only the strong survive!\\
What's done is done, survived to see another day.\\
The dance of life, the hunter and the agile prey,\\
No guarantee which of them will succeed, strong or weak!\\
Rules of Nature!\\
-->-- '''"Rules Of Nature", Metal Gear RAY and Grad boss theme.'''

[[folder:Dark Skies]]
->A brave, new world rising!\\
I can’t believe my eyes\\
We’ve fallen down\\
We’re blinded by dark skies\\
It’s in the way we all exploit the weak\\
The justice that we seek\\
Accept the truth to be free\\
Times have changed\\
Don’t let fate remain the same\\
Life... so fleeting\\
The future’s ours to take when we doubt everything\\
No... no turning back... now!\\
Now find... find your own path\\
But don't... don’t give in to wrath
-->'''-- "Dark Skies", first encounter theme.'''

[[folder:I'm My Own Master Now]]
-> Born into a pack\\
[[PunchClockVillain There's no choice, but take orders to attack]]\\
[[RestrainingBolt Locked up in chains]]\\
I get fed, but the hunger still remains\\
[[DesperatelyLookingForAPurposeInLife Not content to live this way]]\\
[[HumansAreMorons Being led by the blind]]\\
Got to plan my dispersal\\
[[TheDeterminator Breaking out of my pain]]\\
[[EquivalentExchange Nothing ventured, nothing gained]]\\
[[WinYourFreedom I am my own master now]]\\
Bare the mark of my scars\\
Shedding blood underneath the stars\\
[[HeroicSpirit But I will survive somehow!]]\\
[[BadassBoast Hear me howl!]]\\
[[HeelFaceTurn Time to leave them all behind!]]\\
[[WinYourFreedom I'm my own master now!]]
-->'''-- "I'm My Own Master Now", LQ-84i/Bl\adewolf's theme.'''

[[folder:A Stranger I Remain]]
->[[DestructiveSavior I've come here to save you]]\\
[[BadassBoast And I can already taste the kill]]\\
[[BaitAndSwitchComparison Like caressing an angel]]\\
[[KillItWithFire Burning up in the atmosphere]]\\
[[ThePowerOfBlood And with the blood]] [[TheStarsAreGoingOut of a dying star]]\\
[[TheStarsAreGoingOut Above]]\\
[[BloodLust My true aesthetics unwinding]]\\
[[BloodKnight And I'm about to come undone.]]\\
[[DefiedTrope So don't let me]]\\
[[FoeYay Become the one you love!]]\\
[[TheVamp 'Cause I'll just take your]]\\
[[TheVamp Blood and use you up.]]\\
[[DreamTropes I know it's tempting to jump off the edge and fly]]\\
[[ThisIsReality But this is not a dream]]\\
[[CaptainObvious So don't let me]]\\
[[MadLove Become the one you love!]]\\
Here I come\\
Here I come\\
Here I come, come, come\\
Here I come\\
[[WalkingTheEarth I've come here from nowhere,]]\\
[[WalkingTheEarth Across the unforgiving sea]]\\
[[SanitySlippage Drifting further and further,]]\\
[[EurekaMoment it's all becoming clear to me]]\\
[[DramaticWind The violent winds are upon us]]\\
[[TheInsomniac And I. Can't. Sleep.]]\\
[[HeatWave Internal temperature's rising,]]\\
[[HearingVoices And all the voices won't recede.]]\\
[[SeekerArchetype I've finally found what]]\\
[[SeekerArchetype I was looking for!]]\\
[[WarriorHeaven A place where I can]]\\
[[WarriorHeaven Be without remorse.]]\\
[[StrangerInAFamiliarLand Because I am a stranger who has found]] [[SillyReasonForWar an even stranger war]]\\
[[SeekerArchetype I've finally found what]]\\
[[SeekerArchetype I was looking for!]]\\
Here I come\\
Here I come\\
"''La chaleur me dérange, mais c'est le grinçement des bateaux qui m'a réveillée.''" [[labelnote:Translation]]The heat annoys me, but the creaking of the boats awakens me.[[/labelnote]]\\
[[LockAndLoadMontage I sharpen the knife]]\\
And look down upon the bay\\
[[ProudWarriorRaceGuy For all of my life]]\\
[[StrangerInAFamiliarLand A stranger I remain]]\\
[[StrangerInAFamiliarLand A stranger I remain]]\\
[[StrangerInAFamiliarLand A stranger I remain]]
-->'''-- "A Stranger I Remain", Mistral's theme'''

[[folder:Return to Ashes]]
->Look to history\\
The politicians say they’re right\\
And stoke the fire till the ash turns white\\
They say survival’s everything\\
But as for me I don’t say a thing\\
Oh yeah!\\
How long must I still fight?\\
Woah oh!\\
Watching other countries plight...\\
Woah oh!\\
Just look back to history\\
You will see that it’s filled with greed\\
The only way to get ahead\\
Is exploit the weak and to burn your dead!\\
Just look to history\\
Society in moral decay\\
Here tomorrow or gone today\\
Oh yeah!\\
We'll return to ashes one day...
-->'''-- "Return to Ashes", second encounter theme'''

[[folder:Stains of Time]]
->Wash away the anger.\\
[[RedemptionInTheRain Here I stand beneath the warm and soothing rain.]]\\
The droplets falling gently down on the terrain.\\
[[{{Forgiveness}} Wash away the sorrow, all the stains of time.]]\\
[[DeconstructedTrope But there's no memory,]] [[StrawNihilist it's only dry inside.]]\\
In the mud and sinking deeper.\\
Into a peaceful life.\\
AND IT WILL COME! Like a flood of pain! Pouring down on me!\\
[[HeroicResolve And it will not let up]] [[EarnYourHappyEnding until the end is here.]]\\
AND IT WILL COME! [[DarkestHour Through the darkest day!]] [[EleventhHourSuperpower In my final hour!]]\\
[[HeroicResolve And it will never rest]] [[CueTheSun until the clouds are clear.]]\\
[[SubvertedTrope Until]] [[HopeSpot it finds]] [[DespairEventHorizon my dreams]] [[DownerEnding have disappeared!]]\\
[[DespairEventHorizon My dreams]] [[DownerEnding disappear!]]
-->'''-- "Stains of Time", Monsoon's theme'''

[[folder:Red Sun]]
->[[WeirdSun Red Sun]][[labelnote:*]]"Red Sun" is a reference to "Red Moon", a Japanese term for the moonlight after a bloodbath[[/labelnote]]... Red Sun over paradise.\\
Red Sun... Red Sun over paradise.\\
[[CueTheSun Golden rays of the]] [[LightIsNotGood glorious sunshine,]]\\
[[LightIsNotGood Sending down such a]] [[ColorCodedForYourConvenience blood-red]] [[LightIsNotGood light.]]\\
[[TheDreaded Now the animals slowly retreat to the shadows, out of sight.]]\\
[[DramaticWind Arid winds blow across the mountains,]]\\
[[NobleBirdOfPrey giving flight to the birds of prey.]]\\
[[GaiasLament In the distance machines come to transform Eden, day by day.]]\\
[[ThePowerOfLove Only love is with us now,]]\\
[[PureIsNotGood Something warm and pure]],\\
[[HumansAreTheRealMonsters Find the peace within ourselves,]]\\
[[HumansAreBastards No need for a cure!]]\\
[[HeatWave When the wind is slow, and the fire's hot]]\\
[[CirclingVultures the vulture waits to see what rots!]]\\
[[NightmareFetishist Oh how pretty,]] [[SceneryGorn all the scenery;]] [[NatureIsNotNice this is nature's sacrifice!]]\\
[[BlowYouAway When the air blows through with a brisk attack,]] [[ReptilesAreAbhorrent the reptile tail,]] [[EvilerThanThou ripped from its back!]]\\
[[EndOfAnAge When the sun sets,]] [[VindicatedByHistory we will not forget]] [[WarIsGlorious the Red Sun over paradise!]]\\
[[WeirdSun Red Sun]]...
-->'''-- "Red Sun", Sundowner's theme'''

[[folder:A Soul Can't Be Cut]]
->Have you ever slashed a soul to ribbons?\\
Have you ever believed in a mirage?\\
[[HearingVoices My ears are ringing with a sound]]\\
Feel the vibrations, my hearts starts to pound! Pound! Pound!\\
Give in to darkness, bodies melt\\
How do we play the cards we’ve been dealt! Dealt! Dealt!\\
[[{{Pride}} Beauty!]] [[HumansAreTheRealMonsters It’s humanity’s greatest sin]]\\
[[FaceOfAnAngelMindOfADemon Beauty! Hiding the beast that lies within]]\\
[[IDidWhatIHadToDo For all our righteous crimes we compensate]]\\
[[HeelRealization But as for me it’s far too late]]\\
[[HearingVoices I can’t deny the voices inside my brain]]\\
[[ThisIsReality It’s not a dream,]] [[TheKillerInMe we’re one and the same!]]\\
[[{{Determinator}} You should know that a soul can’t be cut]]\\
No matter what blade you wield\\
If you follow your own path to justice\\
[[AwfulTruth The brutal truth will be revealed!]]\\
The sound’s getting louder\\
And louder and louder\\
And louder and louder\\
You should know!
-->'''-- "A Soul Can't Be Cut", third and Jetstream Sam's encounter theme'''

[[folder:The Only Thing I Know For Real]]
->Memories broken, the truth goes unspoken,\\
[[LossOfIdentity I've even forgotten my name!]]\\
I don't know the season or what is the reason\\
I'm standing here holding my blade!\\
A desolate place, without any trace\\
It's only the cold wind I feel!\\
[[HeelRealization It's me that I spite as I stand up and fight]]\\
[[ItsWhatIDo The only thing I know for real!]]\\
There will be Blood! Shed!\\
[[ShadowArchetype The man in the mirror nods his head...]]\\
[[ThereCanBeOnlyOne The only one left will ride upon the dragon's back]]\\
[[HonorBeforeReason Because the mountains don't give back what they take!]]\\
Oh no, there will be blood! Shed!\\
It's [[BloodKnight the only thing I've ever known!]]\\
[[HeelRealization Losing my identity, wondering "Have I gone insane?",]]\\
To find the truth in front of me,\\
I must climb this mountain range,\\
Looking downwards from this [[DuelToTheDeath deadly height]],\\
[[RedemptionEqualsDeath Never realizing why I fight!]]
-->'''-- "The Only Thing I Know For Real", Jetstream Sam's theme'''

[[folder:Collective Consciousness]]
->[[GullibleLemmings The unenlightened masses]]\\
[[HobbesWasRight They cannot make the judgment call]]\\
[[TheEvilsOfFreeWill Give up free will forever]]\\
[[WorldOfSilence Their voices won't be heard at all]]\\
Display obedience while never stepping out of line\\
And blindly swear allegiance, [[MassHypnosis let your country control your mind!]]\\
''[[DespotismJustifiesTheMeans Let your country control your soul!]]''\\
[[ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney Live in ignorance and purchase your happiness]]\\
[[DeconstructedTrope When blood and sweat is the real cost]]\\
Thinking ceases, the truth is lost\\
[[FreedomFromChoice Don't you worry, you'll be told exactly what to do]]\\
[[BreadAndCircuses I give my people the lives they need]]\\
[[MightMakesRight The righteous will succeed]]\\
[[SocialDarwinist The fires of greed will burn the weak]]\\
[[TheEvilsOfFreeWill So we'll make freedom obsolete]]\\
[[{{Ubermensch}} Making whole the fabric of society]]\\
Collective consciousness controlled, as you will see!\\
''The fires will burn in their defeat''\\
''[[HumansAreMorons The human heart is obsolete]]''\\
''[[GoodIsOldFashioned Breaking down the fabric of society]]''\\
''Collective consciousness controlled, as you will see!'' [[note]]Beta version of the above verse[[/note]]\\
Let your country control your soul!\\
Let your country control your soul!\\
Let your country control your soul!\\
'''''[[MadnessMantra Let your country control! Your! SOUL!!!]]'''''
-->'''-- "Collective Consciousness" [[spoiler:Theme of Metal Gear Excelsus]]'''

[[folder:It Has to Be This Way]]
->[[FinalBoss Standing here,]] [[HeelRealization I realize]]\\
[[NotSoDifferent You were just like me,]] [[VisionaryVillain trying to make history]].\\
But [[GreyAndGreyMorality who's to judge the right from wrong]]?\\
[[VillainHasAPoint When our guard is down, I think we'll both agree]]\\
That [[ViciousCycle violence breeds violence]],\\
But [[YouCantFightFate in the end it has to be this way]].\\
I've [[TheUnfettered cut my own path]], you've [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge followed your wrath]],\\
But [[NotSoDifferent maybe we're both the same]].\\
[[ForeverWar The world has turned]], and [[WarIsHell so many have burned]],\\
[[InherentInTheSystem But nobody is to blame]].\\
Yet staring across this [[CrapsackWorld barren wasted land]]\\
[[WellIntentionedExtremist I feel new life will be born beneath the bloodstained sand]].\\
Beneath the bloodstained sand!
-->'''-- "It Has To Be This Way" [[spoiler:Steven Armstrong's Theme]]'''

[[folder:The War Still Rages Within]]
->Looking down on the cars on the highway\\
The stream of taillights...\\
Everybody advancing together\\
Do so willingly sacrifice rights...\\
When people accept they're cogs in the system,\\
Give up free will, conform...\\
Individual pieces of dust swirl together\\
Become a full storm...\\
Looking down on the burgeoning city\\
the skyscrapers rise...\\
[[WellIntentionedExtremist Even men with the greatest intentions]]\\
[[BelievingTheirOwnLies Start believing their own lies]]\\
We can borrow from the future\\
But eventually someone's got to pay\\
'''[[ViciousCycle The only way out of the cycle]]'''\\
'''[[ScrewDestiny Is to strike out and pave your own way!]]'''\\
We all fight our own fight\\
Will you fuel the desire to win?\\
Always struggling with the truth\\
Of the life that might have been?\\
[[DarkAndTroubledPast But no matter how jagged your path is]]\\
[[HeelFaceTurn You always come back to the road.]]\\
When the dust of battle settles\\
The war still rages within...
-->'''-- "The War Still Rages Within", Credits Theme'''

[[folder: The Hot Wind Blowing]]
->[[HeatWave The hot wind blowing, jagged lines across the sand]]\\
[[DesolationShot The crumbling buildings in our minds are all that stand]]\\
[[WeakWilled Just like the buffalo blindly following the herd]]\\
[[IDidWhatIHadToDo We try to justify all the things that have occurred]]\\
[[MadnessMantra I know what I've been told; the wishes of the people can't be controlled]]\\
[[MadnessMantra I know what I've been told; the wishes of the people can't be controlled]]\\
[[ThirstyDesert Heat of the desert; dust settles on my face]]\\
[[SociopathicSoldier Without a compass; the soldier knows no disgrace]]\\
[[EagleLand Out of the ashes; the eagle rises still]]\\
Freedom is calling to all men who bend their will\\
[[FacelessGoons Here I am, dirty and faceless]]\\
[[HiredGuns Waiting to heed your instruction]]\\
[[{{Ninja}} On my own, invisible warrior]]\\
[[BadassBoast I am a Wind of Destruction!]]\\
(...all men who bend their will)\\
[[ForGreatJustice We fight for justice in a forgotten place]]\\
[[ButNowIMustGo Fulfill our duty then vanish without a trace]]\\
[[WarIsHell Don't need a medal for all the men we kill]]\\
Freedom is calling to all men who bend their will\\
-->'''-- "The Hot Wind Blowing", Bladewolf DLC, Khamsin's theme'''