Quotes / Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

"Have you ever played one of those online games? In imaginary worlds created on the internet... players become imaginary characters and, with the other player characters, cooperate, go on adventures, and so on. The imaginary world was well made and I don't think they knew it, but the guys that were addicted to it were completely addicted... Kind of like the electronic drug. Most of the characters were controlled by flesh-and-blood humans. Even moving around that world seemed to be as real as the real thing. Instead of the real world, there were guys that wished they could live in that one."
Higuchi Yuuya, Chapter 80

"A thing like revenge... isn't something to do while you're a child. Leave it to the adults for now. Even if he's not sentenced to die... at worst, he'll be in prison until you're an adult. And, in that time... Forget about revenge and try as hard as you can to live happily. When you're and adult... and furthermore, if you're a miserable person who can't be happy without getting revenge, then, just kill this man when his prison term has ended without hesitating."
Sasazuka giving the worst advice to a little girl, Chapter 105

"Y'know, people talk about smoking as it it's a bad thing. As if lonely people or really despicable people are the only ones who light up. But the people who smoke... have another side to 'em. Their true desires are hidden in the smoke they exhale. Strangers don't get this "other side". They only figure it out once they're neck-deep in the good stuff. The people who try to run from their monsters... become driven by those monsters instead."
Kansai, Chapter 177