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Awesome / Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

  • In the second volume, Neuro prevents the killer's Eye Scream by catching the bullet with his eyelids!
  • In Aya Asia episode, when the stalker gets out of Ishigaki's control, Sasazuka pacifies him by kicking him in the jaw, sending him flying about 20 feet.
  • In Histerrier episode, Sasazuka prevents the detonation of the bomb by shooting off the clock.
  • During his encounter with Sai, Neuro got his hand cut off and Sai was mocking him, saying about how he got so weak. Cue to his hand rooting on the floor and punching him in the gut, breaking all of his organs and bones in one hit.
  • Sicks' arc:
    • Neuro using his favorite Tool, Evil Torture on DR, who had just crossed the Moral Event Horizon by causing a flash flood killing a large amount of people.
    • Godai and Sasazuka escaping from Sicks' New Bloodline on Cool Bikes. It ends with them crashing through a massive window in order to get away.
    • Godai defeating Vijiraya, using his own plant energy against him.
    • Sasazuka shooting down at Tierra's weak points.
    • The police force managing to easily counter every one of Kasai's moves.
    • Sai landing a critical blow onto Sicks, leading to Neuro's victory.
    • Neuro defeating Sicks with the Evil Metal, the strongest Demon Tool in his collection.
      • Also, he finishes off Sicks by driving a stealth bomber through his body, with the nose going through his open mouth.
  • At the very end of the manga, after seeing the lowest depravity that man can sink to, after listening to the mysteries of the darkness of the heart from killers and demons; Yako chooses not to be a detective to bring answers for the dead, but to resolve conflicts between the living. She was never corrupted and became stronger.