Quotes / Macho Masochism

Jay sniffed, and because she was the sort that just couldn't leave a sore spot alone, "Even though -I- only took a WEEK off after seeing Vin Diesel boff Till."
Rhus' eyes widened hugely for a moment, making her look like an anime character.
"Vin...Diesel..." she muttered to herself, looking more than faintly disturbed. "Well. That's bizarre." She looked up. "You know, I only took *three days* after the Aragorn/Brego slash."
At the PPC, you can see the universal "Who's the Macho-est?" contest in its more bizarre manifestations.

Dax: So how much are you enjoying your honeymoon? Are you suffering enough?
Worf: Almost.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "Change of Heart"

"When I told my friends I was getting snipped, two of them—grown men with college degrees—both asked me, 'Hey, what if they slip and cut your balls off?' ...No, I told them, they won't cut my balls off. I'll be groovy. The doc gave me a prescription for Valium (just one pill) to take prior to the procedure, if I wanted it to calm my nerves. I declined. GRRRR I'M ALL MAN GRRR COME CUT MY BALLZ."

"Logan claims that Shi Shi was sitting in makeup one day getting fake cuts and wounds painted on his face, and Logan made the mistake of commenting that they looked real. That’s when Shi got that crazy 'Oh YES I’ll pull out my own tooth!' look in his eyes and hissed at Logan and the makeup artist that, no, it didn’t look real. Logan claims he then got up out of the makeup chair, pulled out a knife, and said the six words you never want to hear Shia LaBeouf say: 'Hey man, wanna see something fun?'

That’s when Shia proceed to carve up his face like a Thanksgiving turkey. And Logan says Shia continued to keep it real and open up his scabs during the remainder of filming...I know that Shia did that shit because he’s a serious ~actor~ and goes method even when the script is like '
It’s cool, you don’t have to go method for this shit, you’re just a dude in a tank.' But I’d rather believe that it was actually his brain trying to make a break for it by escaping through a peep hole in his face. I mean, that’s what I’d do if I were Shia’s brain and had to ride that crazy train 24-7. I’d be like 'Psst…Shi Shi…know what would be super artsy and actor-y? If you grabbed a knife and made an escape hatch…errr, I mean…'''
DListed, "File Under 'Of Course He Did': Shia LaBeouf Cut Up His Face During The Filming Of Fury On Purpose"''

No Airbags
We Die Like Real Men
— Seen on a Bumper Sticker.