-> '''[[TheDragon Darth Vader]]:''' Luke, you do not yet realize your importance. You have only begun to discover your power. Join me, and I will complete your training. [[WeCanRuleTogether With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict and bring order to the galaxy]].\\
'''[[TheHero Luke Skywalker]]:''' I'll never join you!\\
'''Darth Vader:''' If you only knew the power of TheDarkSide! Obi-Wan never told you what happened to [[DisappearedDad your father]].\\
'''Luke Skywalker:''' [[FromACertainPointOfView He told me enough]]! He told me ''[[YouKilledMyFather you]]'' [[YouKilledMyFather killed him]]!\\
'''Darth Vader:''' No. ''[[BeamMeUpScotty I]]'' [[TropeNamer am your father]].\\
'''Luke Skywalker:''' [[ThisCannotBe No... that's not true! That's]] ''[[ThisCannotBe impossible!]]''\\
'''Darth Vader:''' Search your feelings. You ''know'' it to be true.\\
'''Luke Skywalker:''' ''[[BigNo NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!]]'' [[HeroicBSOD NOOOOOOOO!]]
-->-- ''Franchise/StarWars Episode V: Film/TheEmpireStrikesBack''

->'''Boba Fett:''' I lost him.\\
'''Darth Vader:''' That is most disappointing.\\
''' Boba Fett:''' He got lucky.\\
'''Darth Vader:''' Did you bring me anything of value, bounty hunter?\\
'''Boba Fett:''' Not much. Just his name. ''[[WhamLine Skywalker]]''.\\
''Vader is silent. He's staring at the window in front of him, out into space.''\\
'''Boba Fett:''' We're done here, then.\\
''Cut to flashback.''\\
'''Padmé Amidala:''' Something wonderful has happened. I'm...Ani, I'm pregnant.\\
'''Anakin Skywalker:''' That's...that's wonderful.\\
''Vader clenches his fist and stares up.''\\
'''Darth Vader:''' Where is Padmé? Is she safe? Is she all right?\\
''[[TranquilFury Cut back to the glass in front of Vader, which is visibly cracked.]]''\\
'''Emperor Palpatine:''' I'm afraid she died. It seems that in your anger...you killed her.\\
''Vader's hand is shaking with Force energy now. He stares out of the window, which is completely cracked by this point.''\\
'''Darth Vader:''' Skywalker.\\
''(Later) Vader folds his arms. Scenes flash in his memory. Padmé crying. Padmé's funeral. The destruction of the first Death Star. His first confrontation with Luke.''\\
'''Darth Vader:''' [[LukeYouAreMyFather I have a son.]]\\
''The glass before Vader is almost completely gone now.''\\
'''Darth Vader:''' He will be mine. It will all be mine.
-->--''[[{{ComicBook/STArWarsDarthVader}} Darth Vader #6]]''

->'''Monarch:''' Hank, what if I told you that your mother was someone you've met before? And that your father was not your REAL father?\\
'''Hank:''' What?\\
'''Monarch:''' Hank! ''I'' am your real father!\\
'''Hank:''' N-No, you're not...\\
'''Monarch''' PSYCH! Oh man, I totally got you. You were all like, "Oh, daddy! You're my daddy!"
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers'', "Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean"

->'''Fernando:''' Claudius, I have something to tell you. I'm your twin brother!\\
'''Claudius:''' Gaah! But Uncle Teotonius is my grandson!\\
'''Uncle Teotonius:''' But, Charles, I'm your niece!\\
'''Charles:''' Teotonius, if I'm your aunt... Fernando, I'm your mother!!!\\
'''All:''' It can't be! How could it be? Really, guys, think for yourselves...
-->-- ''GatoFedorento''

->''You... you are my mother?''
-->-- '''Roxy''' to Morgana, ''WesternAnimation/WinxClub''

->''I'M YOUR'' PAPI!
-->-- ''Wrestling/EddieGuerrero''

->''WHAT?!?!?! Zeke is [[spoiler:Yoh's twin brother]]?!''
-->-- '''The Yoh-Gumi's''' reaction to '''Mikihisa''' revealing [[spoiler:'''Hao''' to be '''Yoh's''' twin brother]], ''Manga/ShamanKing''

->'''Ragna''': ''What?''\\
'''Jin''': ''There's no way!''\\
'''Imperator Librarius''': ''So this cauldron... is not yet dust...?''\\
'''Ragna''': [[spoiler:''Saya... Saya'']]'', what the hell?''
-->-- ''VideoGame/BlazBlueContinuumShift''

->'''Dexter's Dad''': Dexter...I am your father.\\
'''Dexter''': [gasps] That is not possible! Oh, no wait, you're right.
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/DextersLaboratory'', "The Muffin King"

->'''Dr. Evil''': Before you do that...Ow! ''*[[EvilSoundsDeep deepens voice]]*'' '''Know this'''. ''*activates VaderBreath*'' '''Austin...I am your father'''.\\
'''Austin Powers''': Really?\\
'''Dr. Evil''': ''*voice returns to normal*'' No, not really. I can't back that up.\\
'''Austin Powers''': ''*nodding*'' Right. Idiot. Yes.
-->-- ''Film/AustinPowers: The Spy Who Shagged Me''

->'''Dark Helmet''': I am your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate.\\
'''Lone Starr''': What's that make us?\\
'''Dark Helmet''': Absolutely nothing! ''Which is what YOU are about to become.''
-->-- Film/{{Spaceballs}}

->'''Dark Helmet Man''': Your rightful place is at my side! You know it is true!\\
'''Loke Groundrunner''': What do you mean? What does all this mean?\\
'''Dark Helmet Man''': Loke, I am your...[[SamusIsAGirl mother!]] *moves back the cape revealing a pink dress*\\
'''Loke Groundrunner''': NOOOOOOO!\\
'''Dark Helmet Man''': And now Mama's gonna teach you a lesson in manners! *Hand's Hand appears and knocks Black Helmet Man off into space* Just wait till your father get home!
-->-- [[http://youtu.be/0x1pxZoFJ90?t=26m32s Thumb Wars: The Phantom Cuticle]]

->'''{{ComicBook/Huntress}}''': Sit down, Don Cassamento. You raise an alarm, I'll kill you. Look at the photograph, please. Take a good look...and then tell me what you and Maria Bertinelli were doing in that hotel room together.\\
'''Santo Cassamento''': F.B.I. took this?\\
'''Huntress''': Answer the question.\\
'''Santo Cassamento''': Must've been the feds. Franco would've killed me if he'd known about it.\\
'''Huntress''': I said, '''answer'''--\\
'''Santo Cassamento''': Isn't it obvious? Your mother and I were conceiving you, Helena Rosa. Now put that crossbow down before you accidentally murder your father.
-->--''Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood''

->"NOOOOOOOO!" screamed Buster. "That's impossible! You've ripped off George Lucas!"
->"That's right, you wet-nosed weenie: I AM YOUR FATHER!"
-->-- '''Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space'''

->'''Darth Vader''': And now, young [[MythologyGag Starkiller]], you will die. [[YouKilledMyFather I will have justice for my]] [[InvertedTrope dead son]]!\\
'''C-3PO''': [[OutOfCharacter You're doomed, Corey.]]\\
'''Luke''': Maybe...I was saving this to get Vader distracted so I could land a mortal blow, but screw it...[[PerspectiveFlip Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your son.]]\\
'''Darth Vader''': He told me enough. He told me you killed him.\\
'''Luke''': [[InvertedTrope No. I am your son.]]\\
'''Darth Vader''': No. No. That's not true. That's impossible!\\
'''Luke''': Search your feelings, you know it to be true!\\
'''Darth Vader''': No! Noooooo...!
-->--'''WebComic/DarthsAndDroids''', [[http://www.darthsanddroids.net/episodes/1151.html All They Did Was Have a Chat Over a Bottomless Pit. You Won't Believe What Happens Next]]

->'''Luke:''' You can't kill me now - you're my father.\\
'''Darth Vader:''' No. I know that's not true. That really is impossible.\\
'''Luke:''' Oh come on, I figured it out. All very clever. Princess is your daughter, adopted at birth by Bail Organa and Breha Moon-Flower. And I'm her twin brother, placed in the care of Owen and Beru Lars on Tatooine. Ergo, you are Anakin, my father. You killed Padmé, the woman you loved. My mother!\\
'''Darth Vader:''' No.\\
'''Luke:''' You are my father!\\
'''Darth Vader:''' No, Luke. [[spoiler: I am your ''mother''.]]
-->--'''WebComic/DarthsAndDroids''', [[http://www.darthsanddroids.net/episodes/1152.html Incontrapaternable Logic]]

->'''Validar''': Heed my call, Avatar... \\
'''Avatar''': Nngh... This voice is...in my head! Who are you?! What's happening?!\\
'''Validar''': Why do you close your heart to him, Avatar?\\
'''Avatar''': V-Validar?\\
'''Validar''': Have you truly forgotten?\\
'''Avatar''': You were...calling me... Augh! My head! Get out of my mind!\\
'''Validar''': Heh heh. Such arrogance! You dare take such a tone...with your own father?!\\
'''Avatar''': ...My what?\\
'''Validar''': You are of my flesh, but of sacred blood. You are to serve a glorious purpose! Search deep in your heart. You already know it is your destiny…\\
'''Avatar''': No... Get...out…\\
'''Validar''': Why do you resist us, Avatar? Your rightful place is at my side. Not wasting your time with these doomed servants of Naga! Give yourself to Grima! Let me join your strength to the fell dragon!

->'''Luke''': I'm sorry. You don't have to do this. I loved you like a brother.\\
'''[[spoiler:Diamondback]]''': Nigga, I ''am'' your brother.
-->-- ''Series/LukeCage''

->'''Yan:''' Pray, tell me your quest.\\
'''Delphi:''' The death... Of my mother!\\
'''Yan:''' Oh- your mother! I know she can be hard on you sometimes, but-\\
'''Delphi:''' How would you know?! You know nothing of her cruelty!\\
'''Yan:''' My dear, fate's winds brought you here for a reason... For I, Yan, the Samurai Smartie, knew your mother. Indeed, we were very much in love. Oh, my dear girl, I have been meaning to tell you this for many years now...\\
'''Delphi:''' ...Oh my god...\\
'''Yan:''' Yes, it's true. I am... Your fa-\\
'''Delphi:''' ''Don't say it!''\\
'''Yan:''' What? But I must! I AM-\\
'''Delphi:''' WAIT!\\
'''Yan:''' -YOUR FATHER!\\
'''Delphi:''' ''*begins vomiting*''\\
'''Yan:''' It is all right to weep tears of joy, my child.\\
'''Delphi:''' ''*keeps vomiting*''\\
'''Yan:''' Yes, I know I should have told you.\\
'''Delphi:''' ''*still vomiting*''\\
'''Yan:''' Yes, I see the resemblance too!\\
'''Delphi:''' ''*still vomiting*''\\
'''Yan:''' Come, come, save your tears for a rainy day. Embrace me!\\
'''Delphi:''' ...But my mother, queen Sappho... She created me from the four elements... She wanted me to be the purest form of Sea Reaper...\\
'''Yan:''' ...The ''evil queen'', Sappho? Isn't your mother... Sandra Myrtle from Chillchuck Island?\\
'''Delphi:''' Um, no?...\\
'''Yan:''' ...Oh. Then forget what I just said about me being your father.
-->-- ''VideoGame/GiantsCitizenKabuto''

->''"Ryuko Matoi, don't you see? Your body is one with the Life Fibers like mine. I thought you were dead but now I know. You are my daughter!"''
-->--'''Ragyo Kiryuin''', ''Anime/KillLaKill''