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Quotes: Love Dodecahedron
Hang on, hang on. I'm gonna get some thumbtacks and colored strings so we can diagram this.
— Corrine Buenavida, "Perhaps a Pie Chart", Questionable Content

"I'd say it's a Love Triangle, but it's more like a love octagon!"
Sweet Marie, she loves just me
(She also loves Maurice McGhee).
No she don't, she loves just me
(She also loves Louise Dupree).
No she don't, she loves just me
(She also loves the willow tree).
No she don't, she loves just me!
(Poor, poor fool, why can't you see
She can love others and still love thee.)
Shel Silverstein, Just Me, Just Me.

Withered Hope says she has a soul mate,
Living in a city in another state.
But the soul mate thinks about a picture in a book of a beautiful crook.
And the picture of the crook in the book is in love with the brand new motorbike.
But the motorbike doesn't like crooks,
it's obsessed with the Very Sad Sack

They Might Be Giants, "Withered Hope"

You love her
But she loves him
And he loves somebody else
You just can't win.

The J. Geils Band, "Love Stinks"

Every woman's husband, and every man's wife. — Popular Roman epithet for Julius Caesar

Darling, you're divine. I've had an affair with your husband. You'll be next.
— Tallulah Bankhead, to Joan Crawford, married at the time to Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

The heroine is usually an heiress, probably a peeress in her own right, with perhaps a vicious baronet, an amiable duke, and an irresistible younger son of a marquis as lovers in the foreground, a clergyman and a poet sighing for her in the middle distance, and a crowd of undefined adorers dimly indicated beyond.

Silvia: (talking to Pepa) It's just that between your magnum and your "hot blood", you'd be a good match for Lucas.
Lola: Don't even start with that. Our family is already complicated enough.
Los Hombres De Paco

"A diagram of their love affairs would look like an underground system where every train stopped at every station."
Roger Ebert on the Bloomsbury Group

Chris: I’m trying to imagine someone sitting here watching Clark fight Doomsday and going “UGH, GET ON WITH IT, I WANT TO SEE WHAT JIMMY BOUGHT CHLOE AS THEIR WEDDING PRESENT.”
David: That is the majority of the show’s fanbase, as far as I understand.
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Smallville ("Doomsday")

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