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"It's a good thing it's not a Chinese tradition to name children after the first thing seen when they're born, otherwise there'd be all these kids named '10,000 Heavily Armed People's Liberation Army Troops Chan'"
Paul McDermott, on expectant mothers in Hong Kong booking themselves in for Caeserian Sections on the night of the Chinese takeover.

"(Since I'm a fugitive, I better come up with a fake name!) Ah... Liu Bei... My name is... (sees a door) Guan... (sees a chicken & its feather) Yu... Guan Yu! ... Oh, goddammit! That's my real name!"

"I wrote another political play, An Evening with Richard Nixon: in this case my Nixon character, wonderfully played by George Irving, spoke only Nixon's actual recorded words; this decision to use his actual words as recorded over the years cost me more money in research than I was ever to make out of the play. But with Irving as Nixon the result was wildly comic because Nixon seemed to have no conscious mind. He said whatever was milling about in his overwrought subconscious. In speeches he often turned to Pat, his wife, loyally seated nearby, and, shaking his finger at her, he would intone, 'We here in America can no longer stand pat.'"
Gore Vidal, Point to Point Navigation

Miranda: Could you tell me your name?
Daniel: My name? (beat) I thought I gave it to you, dear.
Miranda: No.
Daniel: Oh—
[Daniel spots an article header: "Police Doubt Fire Was Accidental"]
Daniel: "Doubt fire"?
Miranda: I beg your pardon?
Daniel: Doubt... fire, dear? Mrs. Doubtfire.

Anonymous: Where'd you come up with your url?
7eggs: there were seven eggs left
27teacups: same
7eggs: you must have a lot of tea cups
27teacups: [picture of many teacups on a display shelf] yes
7eggs: i am very proud of your collection
1000nipples: hey guys
7eggs: dude fholy shit