Quotes / Limited Animation

"“One of his dictums became well known within the industry: scenes that could not fit under his office door, said Oriolo, held too many drawings.”
Animator John Canemaker on Joe Oriolo's very low budget Made-for-TV Felix the Cat cartoons, quoted from his book "Felix: The Twisted Tale of the World's Most Famous Cat".

"Look, every time I move my arm, it costs the Cartoon Network forty-two bucks! (evil laugh) Look, look! (moves his arm back and forth repeatedly) 42, 84, 126..."

"Obviously, something needs to be done to stop these storms, and since Storm controls storms (hence the name), she has become the most likely candidate...Note that it only blows hair, and only her hair. Capes remain unaffected."
Chris Sims on X-Men, "Storm Front Pt. 1"

"Aaaah! Movement! I'm sorry, that so rarely happens!"
The Nostalgia Critic (on The Christmas Tree), The Nostalgia Critic

Frozone: I thought you said this thing was animated.
Mr. Incredible: It is animated.
Frozone: Then when're they gonna start moving? Ain't nothin' moving but their lips!

Diabetus: So, is this an animation, or a series of slides?
slowbeef: Y'know, the word "animation" can mean so many things.