Quotes / Large and in Charge

"Mean Street has gotta have a figure of authority. And I got the perfect figure for it."

"Your leaders are just... taller than everyone else?"
Dib upon learning of the Irken command structure, Invader Zim

"I am large and in charge! Well, actually Shin's in charge, I just like to say that."
Heart, Dub of the North Star

"Heavily built and massive, there was a suggestion of uncouth physical inertia in the figure, but above this unwieldy frame there was perched a head so masterful in its brow, so alert in its steel-gray, deep-set eyes, so firm in its lips, and so subtle in its play of expression, that after the first glance one forgot the gross body and remembered only the dominant mind."
— Introduction to Mycroft Holmes, "The Bruce-Partington Plans"

"He's always the tallest person in the room. He's bound to end up leading something."

"Were I the largest, everyone would obey me!"
Jupiter, Nebula