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Quotes: Lady in Red

Scarlet dress, scarlet heels.
Scarlet rouge, scarlet roses.
All men who pass by throw me a second glance.
Stardust, Elysion

"Pacific Standard reports on a study out of the University of Rochester. First, researchers showed half their participants a woman in white, while the others saw same woman in red. Sure enough, the lady in red was considered more 'sexually receptive.'

For their next trick, researchers gathered up women at a Slovakian university and showed them photos of a woman in either a red or green shirt. Apparently they snapped into Loretta Lynn get-your-hands-off-my-man mode as soon as they saw the red. Because if a lady likes to bone (a big leap from a red dress to begin with), clearly she's after some homewreckin'...Or you could take it as a testament to the enduring power of stereotypes. It's not particularly surprising that decades (hell, centuries) of cultural bombardment has had some effect. What color does Scarlett wear after she's caught canoodling with Ashley?"

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