->''Magog. That's a character that Mark Waid invented that was really just put to me like come up with the most God awful, Creator/RobLiefeld sort of design that you can. What I was stealing from was, really only two key designs of Rob's the design of [[{{Comicbook/Cable}} Cable.]] I hated it. I felt like it looked like they just threw up everything on the character, [[GoodScarsEvilScars the scars]], [[GlowingEyesOfDoom the thing going on with his eye]], [[RedRightHand the arm,]] [[{{BFG}} and what's with all the guns?]] But the thing is, when I put those elements together with the helmet of Shatterstar, I think that was his name well, the ram horns and the gold, suddenly it held together as one of the designs that I felt happiest with in the entire series.''
-->-- Alex Ross on the creative process behind Magog.

->'''Norman [=McCay=]:''' My God, the bystanders... they'll be killed! [[HoldingOutForAHero Someone should do something]]!\\
'''Comicbook/TheSpectre:''' Indeed.
-->-- Kingdom Come #2

->'''Norman [=McCay=]:''' [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt I see Ragnarok at last unfold.]] [[FromBadToWorse And worst of all,]] [[HopeSpot I see the desperate hope of]] [[Franchise/{{Superman}} the one man who might yet stop it]] [[HopeSpot turned to ash and cinders...]] [[Comicbook/{{Shazam}} by a single bolt of lightning.]] [[OhCrap Armageddon has arrived.]]

->'''Batman''': So ''that's'' what that feels like.
-->-- After Franchise/{{Superman}}'s StealthHiBye to him, which Franchise/{{Batman}} just about holds a patent for, there's really only one way for Bats to react