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I can say with absolute certainty that you did not receive this commission due to your skills. Like our friend the ambassador, you have the chancellor to thank for your position. But unlike the ambassador, I have no reason to believe that you might rise above the nepotism. I cannot justify removing you from this post. I can, however, give you a promotion.
Captain Klag to First Officer Drex, Diplomatic Implausibility

Rambo: I tried to get in touch with you, but the guys in Bragg never knew where to find you.
Trautman: You know, I haven't been spending much time there lately; they've got me down in D.C. I'm shining a seat with my ass.

Skinner: Fox, you are one of the finest, most unique agents in the nearly sixty-year history of this institution. I mean, we were talking about you when you were in the academy. Now, most of us, including the director, feel that your talents are wasted on the X-Files but we respect that you’re deeply invested in those areas. But if these areas are creating such stress as to not only cause you to act inappropriately but those agents close to you as well then may I advise you to step away... for a while. Clear your head, take an extended vacation—
Mulder: That’s a good idea! Thanks for your concern!
Skinner: (drops the act) You’re forbidden to go near Eugene Tooms.
The X-Files ("Tooms")

He wondered, as Kheffry unrolled and began to read from yet another papyrus, if the other priests had elected Kheffry as High Priest not so much for his ability to serve the Pharaoh as to remove him from the ecclesiastical chambers before they went insane and killed him.
From Page 41, a Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfic

Bleen Emperor: Admiral, if you can conquer the hu-mons in a single day, I will make you ruler of their puny planet.
Admiral: Thank you, Your Eminence. And if I should take two days?
Emperor: I shall make you pretend to enjoy it.

After that, the Head's friends saw that the Head was no use as a Head, so they got her made an Inspector to interfere with other Heads. And when they found she wasn't much good even at that, they got her into Parliament where she lived happily ever after.

Real Life

"Lame Duck German Governor Kicked Upstairs as New Energy Commissioner in Brussels"
— Title of a cable from the US embassy in Berlin

Paul E. seems to be much happier these days as just an on-air talent than in his old role helping to write the shows. Good for him, but I think bad for the product. The one thing you could never say about Paul back in the ECW days is that he didn’t know how to get the absolute most out of the people in his employ, strategically playing to their strengths and hiding their weaknesses. You think The Sandman would get over in today’s WWE?

Scratch that, you think The Sandman would get over ANYWHERE BUT ECW?

That was the genius of Paul Heyman. It’s really too bad that knowledge is just sitting idle in the locker room in the world’s largest wrestling company.

"[John Peters] used to be Barbra Streisand's hairdresser, and then one day, he became a producer, because in Hollywood, you just kinda fail upwards."
Kevin Smith, ''An Evening With Kevin Smith"