-> ''"Yeah, it would be humiliating, having to lie there while the better man refuses to spill your blood. Mercy is the sign of a great man. (shallow stab) I guess I'm just a good man. (another shallow stab) Well, I'm all right."''
-->-- '''Malcolm Reynolds''' from the episode "Shindig," ''{{Series/Firefly}}''

->''Nobby had long ago been told about fighting fair and not striking a fallen opponent, and had then given some creative thought to how these rules applied to someone four feet tall with the muscle tone of an elastic band.''
-->-- Creator/TerryPratchett, ''Discworld/GuardsGuards!''

->'''Charlie:''' You know, [[UsefulNotes/{{Scotland}} Scotland]] has its own martial arts. Yeah, it's called "Fuk-Yu!" It's mostly just head butting and then kicking people when they're on the ground.

->''Soldiers collect and care for the wounded, whether friend or foe.''\\
''Soldiers do not attack [[TheMedic medical personnel, facilities]], or equipment.''
-->--from U.S. Army '''Regulation 350-1''', a/k/a "The Soldier's Rules"