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I honestly have no idea how anyone will know when a pro wrestling gimmick is going to work. The Undertaker has been a zombie controlled by a fat man and a magical urn for two decades. They've had sorcerers, chicken men, every version of the mentally handicapped and RoboCop. So when you're a pro wrestling writer coming up with a last-minute replacement, an overweight space barbarian who can control electricity (maybe?) is an absolutely reasonable thing to suggest.

I want to ask Bobby "Blaster" Lashley whether pro wrestling is fake ... even though a former TC sports writer tells me the question is passe and highly uncool. Nonetheless, I'm curious how Lashley — competing at the arena tomorrow — might respond. As an arts writer, I know little about pro wrestling, other than it involves heavily muscled fellows pummelling one another and yelling. Lashley obviously knows a thing or two about the pure sport, being a former U.S. national wrestling champ and reigning Extreme Championship Wrestling champ. On the other hand, I don't want to get slapped around or anything. The Blaster is six-foot-three, weighs 270 lbs. and visits our office bearing his ECW World Champion belt in his gigantic hand. The belt alone weighs as much as a Power Mac G4 computer.
Adrian Chamberlain The Victoria Times

There are people who think that wrestling is an ignoble sport. Wrestling is not a sport, it is a spectacle, and it is no more ignoble to attend a wrestled performance of Suffering than a performance of the sorrows of Arnolphe or Andromaque.
Roland Barthes, "The World of Wrestling", from the book, Mythologies.