->'''Elvis:''' The Virgin Mary herself could come waltzin' up in here with her fine ass, titties hangin' out and everything, and if she tells me your name is Jesus Christ, I ''still'' gotta take you to see the Boss. You know why?\\
'''Slevin:''' No.\\
'''Elvis:''' Orders.
-->-- ''Film/LuckyNumberSlevin''

->'''Haven Hive customs official''': ...I'm just doing my job.\\
'''Schlock''': ''[in mock panic]'' [[YouJustHadToSayIt You did NOT just say that]]. When a firefighter pulls a baby out of a burning house and says "I'm just doing my job," the guy gets a medal. ''[grabs the official]'' But when a tin-pot burro-crat says "I'm just doing my job," he gets ''filled'' with metal. Little pieces, moving very fast.
-->--''Webcomic/SchlockMercenary'', [[http://www.schlockmercenary.com/2011-01-20 January 20, 2011]].

->'''Krupp''': All I do is carry out orders, carry out orders. I don't know what the idea is behind the order. Who it's for, or who it's against, or why. All I do is carry it out.\\
'''[=McCarthy=]''': You don't read enough.

->'''Charles Xavier:''' There are ''thousands'' of men on those ships! Good, honest, ''innocent'' men! They're just following orders! (''Then expresses an OhCrap face when he realizes what he just said'')\\
'''[[ComicBook/{{Magneto}} Erik Lensherr]]:''' ''([[BerserkButton frowns and turns]])'' I've been at the mercy of [[UsefulNotes/NaziGermany men who were "just following orders".]] [[ShutUpKirk Never again.]]
-->-- ''Film/XMenFirstClass''

->''"[[UnwittingPawn A fine pack of puppets, you lot]]. Not a thought of your own, so eager to obey. Because obeying is so easy, hmm? [[NeverMyFault You're never responsible]] when you're ''only following orders''. And who would doubt what seems so obvious? Who bears [[ArcWords the courage to disobey]]? Precious few. Not one human in a thousand. [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness Now, my lambs,]] [[HopelessBossFight to slaughter!]]"''
-->-- '''[[spoiler:Airy]]''', ''VideoGame/BravelyDefault''

->''"The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him."''
-->-- '''Principle IV of the Nuremberg principles.'''

->''"Befehl ist Befehl."'' ("An order is an order.")
-->-- Common saying in the [[UsefulNotes/NazisWithGnarlyWeapons Wehrmacht]]

->''"The distinguishing mark of a manifestly illegal order is that above such an order should fly, like a black flag, a warning saying: 'Prohibited!'"''
-->-- '''Benjamin Halevy'''

->''"[A]ll civilized nations recognize the principle that a subordinate is covered by the orders of his superiors."''
-->-- '''[[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leipzig_War_Crimes_Trials Leipzig Supreme Court]]''' ''(1921)''

->''"Just following orders is an coward's excuse, Dorothea!"''
-->-- '''Dorn Il-Khan''', ''VideoGame/BaldursGate''

->''"A good way to get a decent person to do something horrible is to convince them that they're not responsible for their actions."''
-->-- '''Nero''', ''WebComic/TheOrderOfTheStick''

->''"I was a soldier once. All my superiors thought I was brave. I wasn't. I mean, I never ran from a fight. Only because I was afraid my friends would see I was afraid. That's all I was, a coward. We followed orders no matter the orders.\\
Burn that village. Fine, I'm your arsonist.\\
Steal that farmer's crops. Good, I'm your thief.\\
Kill those young lads so they won't take up arms against us. I'm your murderer.\\
I remember once a woman screaming at us, calling us animals as we dragged her son from their hut. But we weren't animals. Animals are true to their nature and we had betrayed ours. I cut that young boy's throat myself as his mother screamed and my friends held her back.\\
That night I felt such shame. Shame was so heavy on me, I couldn't eat, I couldn’t sleep. All I could do was stare into that dark sky and listen to that mother screaming her son's name. I'll hear her screaming the rest of my life.\\
Now, I know I can never bring that lad back. All I can do with time I've got left is bring a little goodness into the world. That's all any of us can do, isn't it? Never too late to stop robbing people, to stop killing people. Start helping people. It's never too late to come back.\\
And it's not about waiting for the gods to answer your prayers. It's not even about the gods. It's about you. Learning you have to answer your prayers yourself."''
-->-- '''Brother Ray''', ''Series/GameOfThrones'' [=S6E7=], "[[Recap/GameOfThronesS6E7TheBrokenMan The Broken Man]]"

->'''[[spoiler:Taravangian]]:''' Was this your destiny? Do you wonder? Given that monstrosity of a Shardblade by your people, cast out and absolved of any sin your masters might require of you?\\
'''Szeth:''' [[SubvertedTrope I am not absolved]]. It is a common mistake stone walkers make. Each life I take weighs me down, eating away at my soul.\\
'''[[spoiler:Taravangian]]:''' Yet you kill.\\
'''Szeth:''' It is my punishment. To kill, to have no choice, but to bear the sins nonetheless. I am Truthless.
-->-- ''Literature/TheWayOfKings'' (first book of ''Literature/TheStormlightArchive'')