->'''Elvis:''' The Virgin Mary herself could come waltzin' up in here with her fine ass, titties hangin' out and everything, and if she tells me your name is Jesus Christ, I ''still'' gotta take you to see the Boss. You know why?\\
'''Slevin:''' No.\\
'''Elvis:''' Orders.
-->-- ''Film/LuckyNumberSlevin''

->'''Haven Hive customs official''': ...I'm just doing my job.\\
'''Schlock''': ''[in mock panic]'' [[YouJustHadToSayIt You did NOT just say that]]. When a firefighter pulls a baby out of a burning house and says "I'm just doing my job," the guy gets a medal. ''[grabs the official]'' But when a tin-pot burro-crat says "I'm just doing my job," he gets ''filled'' with metal. Little pieces, moving very fast.
-->--''Webcomic/SchlockMercenary'', [[http://www.schlockmercenary.com/2011-01-20 January 20, 2011]].

->'''Krupp''': All I do is carry out orders, carry out orders. I don't know what the idea is behind the order. Who it's for, or who it's against, or why. All I do is carry it out.\\
'''[=McCarthy=]''': You don't read enough.

->'''Charles Xavier:''' There are ''thousands'' of men on those ships! Good, honest, ''innocent'' men! They're [[TitleDrop just following orders]]! (''Then expresses an OhCrap face when he realizes what he just said'')\\
'''[[ComicBook/{{Magneto}} Erik Lensherr]]:''' ''([[BerserkButton frowns and turns]])'' I've been at the mercy of [[UsefulNotes/NaziGermany men who were "just following orders".]] [[ShutUpKirk Never again.]]
-->-- ''Film/XMenFirstClass''

->''[[UnwittingPawn A fine pack of puppets, you lot]]. Not a thought of your own, so eager to obey. Because obeying is so easy, hmm? [[SarcasmMode You're never responsible]] when you're ''only following orders''. And who would doubt what seems so obvious? Who bears [[ArcWords the courage to disobey]]? Precious few. Not one human in a thousand. [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness Now, my lambs,]] [[HopelessBossFight to slaughter!]]''
-->-- '''[[spoiler:Airy]]''', ''VideoGame/BravelyDefault''

->The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him.
-->--'''Principle IV of the Nuremberg principles.'''

->''Befehl ist Befehl.'' ("An order is an order.")
-->--Common saying in the [[NazisWithGnarlyWeapons Wehrmacht]]

->''The distinguishing mark of a manifestly illegal order is that above such an order should fly, like a black flag, a warning saying: 'Prohibited!'''
-->--'''Benjamin Halevy'''

->''[A]ll civilized nations recognize the principle that a subordinate is covered by the orders of his superiors''
-->--'''[[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leipzig_War_Crimes_Trials Leipzig Supreme Court]]''' ''(1921)''

->''Just following orders is an coward's excuse, Dorothea!''
-->-- '''Dorn Il-Khan''', ''VideoGame/BaldursGate''

->''A good way to get a decent person to do something horrible is to convince them that they're not responsible for their actions.''
-->-- '''Nero''', ''WebComic/TheOrderOfTheStick''