->''"Isn't that how most men are? 'I'm gonna go away, never see you again, and sleep with a bunch of different women. Why? Because I love you!' I tried saying that to a woman once! [[GroinAttack She cut my balls off.]]"''
-->-- '''[[WebVideo/BumReviews Chester A. Bum]]''', ''Bum Reviews'', "The Twilight Saga: New Moon"

->"He that hath wife and children hath given hostages to fortune; for they are impediments to great enterprises, either of virtue or mischief."
-->-- Francis Bacon, '''Of Marriage and Single Life'''

->''27. If the Hero tells me he wants to break up with me or quit his dangerous job for my protection, it's already too late; a kidnapping is already in the planning, and I will take all reasonable precautions against it.''\\
-- '''JustForFun/TheUniversalGenreSavvyGuide''', ''[[http://www.geocities.com/evilsnack/truelove.htm The True Love List]]''

->You '''idiots'''. How can I '''save''' you? Do you realize you now know the most dangerous secret on '''Earth?''' Stop to think about what lengths my enemies would go to in order to learn about my private life. [[ColdBloodedTorture They would]] '''[[ColdBloodedTorture torture]]''' [[ColdBloodedTorture you]]. They would [[NightmareFuel flay your partners and rape your children with]] '''[[NightmareFuel hot knives.]]''' You'll '''never''' breathe a '''word''' of this? Not to '''anyone, ever?''' Not even in your '''sleep?''' Or when you're '''drunk''' or '''tired''' or '''lonely?''' And even if that's so, what about '''him?''' Or '''him?''' [[ParanoiaFuel Do you trust all of them]] to '''never''' drag you '''into''' this '''ever''', for as long as you '''live?''' Your lives are '''worthless''' now. They're '''over.''' Even '''I''' can't save you.
-->-- '''[[{{Franchise/Superman}} The]] [[{{Expy}} Plutonian]]''' ''after his co-workers discover and [[TooDumbToLive try to broadcast]] his SecretIdentity,'' '''ComicBook/{{Irredeemable}}'''

->I can't tell Isabella we're the Beak now! That would put her in danger! The life of a superhero is a lonely one Ferb. Even after only 11 minutes.
-->-- '''Phineas''' ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb'' "The Beak"

->'''Savage:''' Ah, there's no room in my life for love, Mona.\\
'''Mona:''' But why, Doc?\\
'''Savage:''' There was a girl once. We were to be married. She was kidnapped by the men I had been pursuing -- they threatened to kill her if I didn't drop the chase. I gave in. I had to. Later, when she was returned safely to me, I realized there could never be a future for us. I realized if I were to do what I had chosen with my life, there could never be a loved one who could be used against me. Or harmed because of me. Do you understand?
-->-- '''Film/DocSavage''' (1975)

->''How could he explain that a Space Ranger was married to his job? That there could never be room in his life for the things of which ordinary men dreamed a woman to love, a family to raise, a house with a flying car on the roof and an A-bomb shelter in the basement. How could Proton fight the forces of evil, knowing there was a loved one who could be threatened or harmed because of him? How could he explain that his only relationships could be shallow flings based purely on sexual desire? Or rather how could he explain without having his gonads hacked off by an angry [[ActionGirl K'mon warrior]]?''
-->-- '''Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space'''