Quotes / I Will Wait for You

Though the hours take no notice
Of what Fate might have in store
Our love, come what may, shall never age a day!
I'll wait, forevermore!

Seven years ago, you walked out of my life. You never came back. I didn't know if I'd ever see you again. I missed you, dammit! I missed you so much!
Cheria Barnes, regarding Asbel, Tales of Graces

I know she'll wait
I know that she'll be true
(chorus) Look down, look down
They've all forgotten you
Les MisÚrables, "Work Song" (Prologue)

"Young man," she gave answer, "your suit I disdain,
For I once had a sweetheart, MacDonald is his name,
He went to the wars about ten years ago,
And a maid I'll remain 'til he is back in Glencoe."

"Perhaps your MacDonald regards not your name,
Or has pledged his affection to some other one.
He may not remember, for all that you know,
The lovely young lass that he left on Glencoe."

"MacDonald will ne'er from his promise depart
For love, truth and honor reside in his heart,
And if I never see him, it's single I will go,
For he promised one day he'd come back to Glencoe."
Lass of Glencoe, traditional Scottish

It will soon be 2090... can you hear me, Asuna-san? It's Yukihiro Ayaka. Heh... I'm a grandmother now. Most of our old friends have already gone. The reason I'm still living is the see the surprise on your face.
—Recorded message left for Asuna in Mahou Sensei Negima!