Quotes / Hostage Situation

Carrot: I hope you're not going to kill anyone.
Robber: That's up to us!
Carrot: Sorry, was I talking to you? (He's actually talking to the hostage. Who happens to be a werewolf.)

I want ten million dollars in gold delivered here fifty hostages to insure you'll try no tricks plus a hydrogen bomb! Should you refuse my men will blast the drill hole! And you know what that would mean!

Bank Robber: This is a hold up! I want the vault open right now! No one move and don't even think of going for the alarms.
Scott Summers: You're new at this aren't you?
Bank Robber: (blinking) What gives you that idea? I've robbed lots of banks. Why? You better do what I say. Have the tellers empty the vault. I swear I'll start shooting.
Scott: The bank's next door.
Bank Robber: (panicking) I knew that. I meant to hold up the... the —
Scott: Pet store.
Bank Robber: I knew that. Yeah, I meant to hold up the pet store.