Quotes / Going for the Big Scoop

"This is Lois Lane from The Daily Planet. My battery's about to die soon, and I very likely will be following it."

“If I know Lois, she’ll come back with an interview with the hydrogen bomb entitled ‘What Makes Me Tick!’”
Perry White, Superman II

"Lois has used her three-week vacation to write a story that’s 'going to blow the lid off corruption in the Caribbean,' which is a pretty note-perfect Lois moment. Especially the bit where she casually mentions 'I knew I was on the right track when that taxi driver kidnapped me.'"
Chris Sims, Matt Wilson, and David Uzumeri on Superman III

"I really, really like the idea that Lois’s answer for everything, be it journalism, romance, winning friends, or whatever, is to act like Howard Beale."
Smallvillains on Smallville ("Booster")

Geraldo Rivera was always a lunatic. This is just a scientific fact. The thing that set Geraldo apart from most lunatics (besides the glorious mustache) is that he wanted to be famous for being a lunatic. A vault was found in the basement of the Lexington Hotel in Chicago, which was scheduled for demolition. Al Capone had run his business out of this hotel from 1928-1931, so it was assumed that the vault belonged to Capone. When it aired, viewers were treated to an hour and 50 minutes of backstory, expert opinions, technical details and this: Geraldo firing a Tommy Gun into a wall. This is a vital part of the archaeological process. Trust Geraldo on this.

"11. If you are a news reporter, find a happy medium between the people's right to know and your right to not get kidnapped/held hostage/etc."

(camera snaps)
Phoenix: Lotta! Now of all times?!?
Lotta: Why not, these blood scenes always spell a story!
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All, "Reunion, and Turnabout"

I'm a journalist, I run to the fire, that's what we do.
Shepard Smith, Fox News anchor