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He was from a long great military tradition. Somebody from his family had fought and died in every single American war (Cue to a Death Montage of every Lt. Dan's ancestor agony before his death, with a different war uniform). I guess you could say he had a lot to live up to.

Tattletale: Armsmaster has a fancy computer system in his suit, set it up to predict Leviathanís movements and actions. Clockblocker tagged the Endbringer, put him on pause long enough for Armsmaster to set up the playing field the way he wanted it, with that predictive program. Leviathanís going after the people who can make forcefields, and Armsmaster uses this, dangles Kaiser like bait, puts more villains Ė Fenja and Menja- in the way to Kaiser. Sure enough, Leviathan marks Kaiser as a target, charges through the conveniently arranged villains, and goes straight to the spot where Skitter is.
Miss Militia: (Quietly) Oh no.
Armsmaster: This is nonsense. Heroes died too.
Tattletale: To your credit, if any credit is due, that was an accident. Your program canít account for that many variables, probably, in the chaos of a bunch of capes trying to keep Leviathan pinned down. Either way, Leviathan did as you wanted, followed the path you plotted. You used a directed EMP blast to nuke Skitterís armband, ensuring that she couldnít report Leviathanís position and call in reinforcements, buying you time to take on Leviathan one on one. Who cares if she dies, after all? Sheís a villain, and youíre positive youíll win, that itíll be worth the body count you just allowed Leviathan to rack up. Except you lost.
Tattletale helpfully explains to Armsmaster how he transitioned to this trope from Glory Seeker, Worm, Extermination 8.7

Full many a bloody strife is fought in vain,
Because its youthful general needs a victory.
Wallenstein, Wallenstein: The Piccolomini, II 7