Quotes / Giving Someone the Pointer Finger

"HOTTTTTTTTTT!" The aggrieved shout from the bathroom startled the two inhabitants of the dining area. A rapid stomping of feet heralded the door to the bathroom being flung open by an upset redhead clad only in a pair of towels wrapped tightly around her hair and torso. She leveled an accusing finger at Shinji. "That bath was too HOT!"
Advice and Trust, chapter 3

"You ever point your finger at me again, I'll break it off and shove it up your ass."
Al Reilly, Q & A (1990)

"Since Kennedy looked handsome on camera, he won the debates. But tricky Dick Nixon did get one up on Jack. After they shook hands before the debate, Nixon suddenly scowled and pointed his finger accusingly at Jack, making for a stern winning picture of what Adlai Stevenson liked to refer to as Richard the Black Hearted."
Gore Vidal on the 1960 U.S. Presidential debates, Point to Point Navigation