->'''Jonas:''' Don't you mean "to''may''to?"\\
'''Steve:''' No, I meant "to''mah''to". Don't forget who invented the language.\\
'''Jonas:''' Yeah, but you also invented soccer, and you're not too good at that anymore.\\
'''Steve:''' Woah, woah. Hang on. We did ''not'' invent soccer.\\
'''Jonas:''' No?\\
'''Steve:''' We invented football.\\
'''Jonas:''' You mean the little girl's game where you guys kick around a little white ball?\\
'''Steve:''' Yeah.\\
'''Jonas:''' That, my friend, is not football.\\
'''Steve:''' OK. Our football is a game where you actually get to ''kick a ball''. With your ''feet''. ''Your'' football, you pretty much use your hands all the time. I mean, what's that about? Was handball already used for something else?
->-- ''WebVideo/Lonelygirl15'', "LA To LDN".

-> ''When 7-year-olds play soccer they go, "The ball!" phwew, and then the ball gets kicked over there and they go, "The ball!" And I believe what has happened is in their chase for the story they forgot their positions on the field and they just go, wink, and they run around in a little clump.''
->-- '''[[Series/TheDailyShowWithJonStewart Jon Stewart]]''' on media coverage of presidential electoral politics.