Quotes / Fetus Terrible

"This fetus has the accuracy of a former Israeli Armed forces member."
Cynical Asshole, Bronyism

Cameron: What happened?
Kim: I was scanned. The woman in the waiting room...
Cameron: She scanned you?
Kim: No, not her. Her child. Her unborn child scanned me.

"Well, it's not a conventional fetus."
David, Prometheus

Bearing a fomor child isn't easy. The mother is plagued all through hr pregnancy by horrible dreams and feelings that something isn't right with her baby (or babies). She can feel malevolence pouring out of the thing in her womb, hating her, waiting to kill her, and wanting to hurt her every chance it gets. She is alone in her torment, for no one believes that any unborn child is evil. The more the mother insists that something is wrong, the more that people perceive her as being insane. Should she try to harm the child, the baby causes such internal agony to her that she is rendered unconscious. The same happens if she attempts suicide. The Baneling incubates within the mother, merging with the egg and becoming a full-fledged fomor by the time to child is born. When it is time for the birth, if the mother has tried to kill her baby, the fomor child emerges in such a way that it kills or cripples the mother.
Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Freak Legions: A Player's Guide To Fomori