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Quotes: Faceless Goons
"Alaric looked across the passenger compartment to the tech-guard. They wore full-face helmets with polished brass visors and heavy rebreather units and they were armed with what looked like more complex versions of the standard Guard lasgun. Alaric couldn't see their faces - they seemed more like servitors than soldiers."

"Ow! My mask!"
Crow, as Big McLargehuge punches out a masked thug, Mystery Science Theater 3000: Space Mutiny

"If you want to see this yourself, look at a picture of the war masks of the Attic Greeks. When men wish to inspire terror and kill they put on such metal faces. The invading Christian knights that Alexander Nevsky fought wore such masks; if you saw Eisenstein's film you know what I am talking about. They all looked alike."

Sir, Colonel Glass would not have to break the concrete, not if he entered the base before then entrances were sealed. Furthermore, giving your troops uniforms that conceal their faces is a tremendous security risk. You should read the Tv Tropes Article on Faceless Goons, sir.
— '' Colonel Glass, Spinnerette

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