-> There is no hope for this world anymore. If you hate this world, like me... join me in seeking revenge.
-->-- '''Gendo Ikari''', ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion''

->'''Peter Petrelli:''' Do you know me?
->'''Adam Monroe:''' Of course I know you. It's me, Adam. Don't you remember? You and I are going to change history.
-->-- ''Series/{{Heroes}}'', "Out of Time"

->''Show me how to lie, Youíre getting better all the time''
->''And turning all against the one, Is an art thatís hard to teach''
->''Another clever word, Sets off an unsuspecting herd''
->''And as you step back into line, A mob jumps to their feet''
-->--'''You're Gonna Go Far, Kid''', ''TheOffspring''

-> '''[[TheDon L:]]''' Your business is doing great. You complete all the jobs I give you to perfection. And I hear only words of praise from your other clients. But we aren't getting any younger. I think you're getting to that age where you have to start thinking about a successor. \\
'''Joe:''' I don't need a fucking sucessor. \\
'''L:''' [[EvilVirtues Listen. A person should take their crime seriously.]] You need someone to be your right hand, someone to help you. A Crown Princess.\\
The normal process is to find out what colleagues are in prison or are drug addicts, and thereby unable to fulfill their roles as parents. Then you find out where their kids play football, and you get involved. You cheer them on for a couple of years, no matter how bad they are -- actually, the worse, the better. That way, gradually you take on the role of the parent until, in the end, [[UndyingLoyalty you have a loyal helper that will walk through fire for you.]] \\
'''Joe:''' [[EvenEvilHasStandards It sounds like a kind of entrapment you're suggesting. An unsavory entrapment.]] \\
'''L:''' Call it what you want. [[FamilyValuesVillain But if you believe at all in the effects of good parenting, that kid will have much greater opportunities with you as a mentor that without.]]