-> Samurai warriors followed the bushido code and were men of honor, believing in loyalty to their masters and the importance of fulfilling their duties even if it meant death. Outfitted in some insanely kick-ass looking armor, they'd rip their enemies six or seven new assholes with a razor sharp sword.

-> Samurai were noble and, unlike many knights of Western culture, literate and educated. They were patrons of the arts and aspired to be as skilled in them as they were in the ways of war. Samurai were basically Batman, only there were armies of them, on horseback.
-->-- '''{{Website/Cracked}}'''

->''If you live outside the palace, how are you supposed to protect your shit from criminals?''\\
'''''[[MemeticMutation ♪HIRE A SAMURAI♪]]!'''''
-->--Creator/BillWurtz, ''WebVideo/HistoryOfJapan''