Quotes / Every Year They Fizzle Out

We've got the power to lose, the power to choke
Come on, Port Adelaide depression!
When finals are fought, we always fall short
It's a true Port Adelaide tradition!
We always stop, stop, stop when we're top, top, top,
September's here, we are shaking.
Come rain, shine or hail, the Power will fail
When the flag is there for the taking!
Greg Champion, parody of Port Adelaide's theme song

We finished ninth again!
The Richmond Tigers finished ninth again!
In any season you will see it is our fate
To miss out on the eight
We win a few, then lose a lot, and then it is too late!
We just went down the drain
We haven't been much good since 1982
Be it Frawley or Jewell, Northey or Geisch,
We win a few late, and just miss the eight
We finished ninth again!

This is a characteristic which has bedevilled the Scots (and not only in sport) since Macbeth was a boy. At their best they are matchless; at their worst they defy description, and you never know which extreme you are going to see. Given pygmies for opponents, they are liable to get slaughtered; faced by giants, they will run rings round them — and then snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by some last-minute folly. England, on the other hand, are steady and predictable; only they could have restored British prestige by winning the World Cup in 1966 with sound if uninspired football and bulldog determination. Scotland, who hadn't even been able to qualify, promptly suffered a rush of blood to the head and thumped them next time out, and the nation lived in a tartan euphoria — until the next disaster.

''"Somehow, every incarnation becomes the apocalypse. Somehow, the fans are still around by the time the next race comes along, this time bringing friends they want to introduce to this show that sucks so much now.
Adam-Troy Castro, My Ox is Broken

"It's amazing, really — over forty years in the league and all you have to show for it are a whopping four wins in the Conference Finals. All of those regular season accolades and trophies mean shit. Their fans get PTSD over hearing the words 'Penguins', 'Islanders', and 'Rangers', which is justified since those teams have owned them like slaves. I would drink the tears and misery of Caps fans everywhere, but unfortunately they have no Cups. This (the 2016-17 season) is, what the general manager admitted, the final year they could really push for a Cup run before they have to re-tool everything, so they should — the Metro Division is stacked this year? Well, here's to hoping you actually beat the Pens in a series. Don't worry Ovi, someday you'll make it to the third round of the playoffs. Someday."
Urinating Tree, "The Washington Capitals: A Legacy of Failure".note