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Quotes: Every One Can See It
"I've only been listening to them for five minutes and I can already tell they're in love. Why can't they see it?"
Tucker, Red vs. Blue

"It was kind of obvious to everyone but them that they were made for each other."

Robin: "You know [Superboy and Miss Martian] are a couple, right?"
Aqualad: "I believe I knew before they did."
Kid Flash and Artemis approach together
Robin: "Do we tell them?"
Aqualad: "It is not our place."
—"Revelation," [1]

"I would like to propose a toast to the happy couple, who has finally figured out what we have all known for a very long time now: You two are destined to be together."

"Cut the act already, Kyon. Everyone knows you're in love with Itsuki. I know it, they know it, all the fans know it. So just come out and say it already!"

"You fools are meant to be together. Like, all in a soft rock, soulmates-in-puberty kinda way. Everybody knows it."
—Wallow, Bravest Warriors, "Butter Lettuce"

"Honestly, it's got to be you two. Cut to the song already, it's getting boring!"
Mels to Amy and Rory, Doctor Who

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