Quotes / Every Car Is a Pinto

Frank started the beast.
Smoke spewed from the trunk.
Oil sprayed from the hood,
the can of nitro junk.
The car swelled then exploded,
flying across the street.
Frank slowly stepped out,
staggering to his feet.
The W's, "Frank"

"This is an American-made car: every time they flip 25 feet into the air and crash down, they blow up. Let's get out of here!"

"Every single (vehicle) handles like a three-legged mule and occupying one during a battle is like occupying a pile of gasoline and matches that explodes when an enemy so much as coughs at it."

Calvin: Now really! How often do you get to see a car explode in real life?
Hobbes: That is such a stupid question, I refuse to answer it.

"Why would [a tank] explode if it runs out of gas? Does that make any sense to you?"

James: Do you think it's going to explode?
Alyssa: It's not a film! (car explodes)
The End of the F**king World